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Mailbag By Kenneth Hicks ID #846092

Down on the Jungle Moon of Rizpah, the unthinkable has happened.
The local Government has finally cleared enough jungle to enable the ability of correspondence to show up on the doorstep of The Galaxy Gathering’s doorstep.

A governmental Department, now knows where we reside.

On the plus side, the first three letters that the mail mech dropped by
(we call it Norm, it’s a bit skittish)
were from a long time friend, Mr. Ben Rail!

The first letter was in response to the article How To Become A Stronger Player Over A Faster Period Of Time By 1GoML.
It states:

As a level 432 player who regularly hits a daily XP total of 50,000 I’m sure you might take what I have to say with a piece of salt but here goes anyway ;).
I totally agree with your approach and your max precision / dodge values are inline with my own. Far too many players have too many mechs with low ability, quality over quantity is certainly the approach too take. Always think in terms of lines and it could probably be argued that 2 best lines will outplay most other’s 5 average lines.
One thing to bear in mind regardless of how long you’re planning on getting there is mechs with a weapon slot every 3 levels will ultimately end up being faster than those requiring 4 (or 5), so given the choice I’d focus on mechs 95T and above, of course if you can find equipment that fits both 90 and 95T then that’s worth an investment too. Although don’t always assume a better “heavier” mech is always the way to go in your current formation, your best performing mechs will change depending on your level, weapons and equipment you already have Yes to Burn lines and also Freeze lines, My Regis were always Crit Kill focused until my Boreas took over that role. The availability of good fire weapons and the burn/ignite damage modifiers make fire damage a useful skill to have.
The last niode mech I bought was a Torrent a very long time ago, everything else was a prize or from the metaverse, so focus your niodes on equipment and upgrades (when there are sales on). Don’t neglect your crystal mechs, try to build as many specialist formations as you can, they will come in handy at some point. Whilst XP costs have come down recently for kotm events try to pick events you have a better chance of doing well in as the level requirements change (you want be at the top end of the level requirement not the bottom) and make sure your available at the finish time to maybe grab a better medal position (unless it’s a chrono event)”

The second by Ben was in relation to the article Wave Challenges By Spike Shepard.

“I agree with all your suggestions Spike, but as a D1 player I can confirm I’m very much involved in each and every Challenge and that now usually involves me winning 40+ rounds for each mech type. Whilst I’m always happy for different and better weapons each one I’ve won so far (first or 2-5) has been equipped as they are far better than those crystal weapons available to me. (Note I’ve already maxed out the top 3 or 4 crystal weapons in each category).
A general suggestion which applies to all events not just these challenges is lets get some new “craftsmen” weapons which can only be won not bought and perform better than a similar crystal weapon at the different levels. Also these weapons should extend all the way up from Level 10 – Level 500. Just like the Nephilax you can only sell it for crystals but it would make all competitions that bit more worthwhile.”

And the final letter from Ben was practically an article in of itself as it’s written in response to Mecha Building With The Big Boys – The Basics also by Spike Shepard.

Hi Spike, had to register so I could post but have been meaning too for a while to provide my own view on some of these build articles which by the way make for a great read.

1. Totally agree. The reason I personally have 11 Boreas all configured as Crit Kill machines is the fact the M-hole is such a perfect cockpit fit, giving me max precision and also giving me 100% freeze. Now ideally I’d equipped them all with Kraken’s to make the most of thier 19% Crit Kill and the 100% Ice Damage but alas even if I had the niodes (which I don’t) I couldn’t buy enough to equip one Boreas at Level 432 let alone 11. So I use as many high crit kill weapons as I can (usually lasers, even Galaxy eyes). As the Bore is not a big hitter (damage wise) I rely on the crit kill, slow and freeze along with as much speed as possible to beat my opponents.

2. Dodge, from my own findings I’d say max dodge is actually around 64, assuming you get your 8% HG bonus. Giving you quite a bit of flexibility with what equipment you put in your chassis slots. Also note that if your opponent has maxed out their precision (~96) then your own dodge doesn’t actually matter, as they will still hit you 95% of the time. Dodge is more important for lower level players where their opponents can’t get to 96 precision or lower tonnage mechs such as the oggun where again it’s difficult to get much precision. The reason the Novum is so effective is in part due to it’s dodge capability that can be maxed in a 25T chassis. Also Precision / Dodge is absolute and linear, simply put 1 on your precision will increase your hit ratio by 1% (to a maximum of 96%) and 1 on your dodge will reduce your opponents hit ratio by 1%. Note that all you mechs effectively start with a 65% Hit ratio with no precision.

3) Speed differs from Precision/Dodge in that it is relative to your opponent not absolue. It is also made up of 3 components, Mech Speed, Weapon Speed, and Number of weapons equipped. Whilst I’ve heard various theories from players in the “know” the exact calculation still eludes me however some basic principles can be used. Of the three weapon speed decreases as you level, simply put this is an average of all the equipped weapons on your mech, as a low level player with just a few slots a 110 speed weapon would make a significant difference but on my mechs with 150 slots it’s statistically insignificant. As you level the number of slots increases and your mech will fire faster (assuming you put weapons in those slots). This is the main reason for choosing the 3 levels / slot mechs (starting at 95T with the Boreas). Regardless of the speed differnece between you and your opponent I still believe there is a cap of again 95~96% but in alot of battles this will appear as 100% as your opponents will be destroyed long before they get a chance to fire. Also note that battles are fought in columns (or lines) so it’s not just 1 mech v 1 mech but your line versus their line. How each speed component is added together to give an overall speed index is not fully understood by me but certainly I’d suggest always trying to improve your speed, for instance If your mech has a high Freeze % , slow capability, and faster than your opponent you’ll achieve what I call “slow death”, each hit may not cause damage but your opponent is permanaently incapacitated, getting slower each turn and the chance of your crit kill will increase each shot.

4. Shielding certainly has become more important and with reference to above any shielding that gives a speed bonus is worth it. However for us big boys the share amount of damage a single shot can do (10’s of thousands) and it’s associated secondary damage means your own mechs need to focus on hitting rather than being hit, also note Burn damage can’t be shielded against so whilst your Fire shields may well be blocked the primary damage the burn damage is based on a % of the unshielded hit which is also applied over 4 turns and should you get hit again by a burn weapon you’ll ignite causing even more massive damage.

5. (I know you didn’t have a 5  ) Remember your own personal damage skills, if as a player you have your skill points allocated equally across the weapon types then fair enough but for my sins I focused on projectile and fire so any mech I run has an 80% projectile bonus and a 60% fire bonus this is worth bearing in mind when doing your own mech builds. Also I don’t tend to look on any mech as a particular weapon type mech, but on what it’s good at once equipped. Whilst it could be argued the Boreas is an Ice mech using the right equipment gives it a 100% freeze, so there is little point equipping it with Ice weapons that come with inbuilt freeze, they are better placed on a mech that doesn’t have a high freeze ratio, also 100% of anything is good, as you level your mechs life is probably going to be in the region of 2 or 3 shots (against a strong player) so having a ctit kill of 10% isn’t really going to happen, but putting crit kill weapons on a mech that has a built in CK of 25% gets me between 35 and 45% meaning I’ve got a better than 50% chance of CKing my opponent with those 3 shots.

Finally weapon specific builds, there are simply too many mechs with too many slots and not enough weapons and not enough money to equip them with the best / most effective builds. So finding the best ways to utilize what you have / can get weapons wise is a smart move. I have for instance built a Fext with 100% 2x damage and 85% 3x damage now it so happens we have a the Extended DC laser (crystal with a 3X bonus of 15%) so in goes the (152) DC lasers for a 100% 6x damage multiplier, it also happens that the Fext has a higher inbuilt Laser damage so it’s a win win but if there were an ice weapon with the same 3x bonus I’d happily use it. Shame is I can only buy 192 of the Lasers even at level 432 so can’t even build a 2nd Fext with this configuration.”

Phew! Thank you Ben!
And thanks to your efforts, Galaxy Gathering is bringing back the ability to earn niodes for your insightful comments on our website,

Either register with the site and comment directly onto posts (this is best for discussion) or go to our Contact Form here and earn yourself some niodes.
Now mind you, to earn niodes, you have to put some effort into your comments, not just “yes”, “emoji”, or “single sentence agreement.”
Ben set the bar as you see above, so get out your typing fingers and lets get some letters!!

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