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Gold Leaders – Episode 2 by 1GoML GG ID# 637975

Hello everyone and welcome to the 2nd episode of Gold Leaders brought to you by GG! I’m your host 1GoML! Tonight’s episode we see the current leader of JC’s Rowdy Bunch, James Christington! James its a pleasure to have you on the show brother. To kick tonight off, tell me a little about your leadership style. What do you think makes your clan tick and have access to that gold medal so many want?

James Christington player ID# 904209 – What makes our clan tick is our teamwork and ability to communicate as a unit. We speak quite openly about builds, equipment and setups out of war, and make sure people are working as a unit during one

1GoML GG – Indeed, teamwork and mech building is so important for a clans success. When you’re recruiting, what do you look for in the players that are applying? What are the ‘musts’ if you will. Also, what are the red flags that make you turn a player down.

James Christington – With how late in the game we are, it’s hard for me to pick up the “young” accounts. With how mechs are locked at certain levels for newer players, they’ll always be outclassed by the classic Camper strategy. I myself have mechs like Severs that I’ve had since level 20. What I see as a potential recruit, is how they stack up to our accounts. If they’re able to win, or get close to winning, against a number of our members, they’re more than capable of getting into the Rowdy Bunch

1GoML GG – I like that, they have to prove themselves worthy. Strength comes first for the powerhouse! Any red flags?

James Christington – Red flags for me is someone who burns through their levels and take no heed in the “slow play”. If you want to go from level 1 to 60 in a couple months and still think you’re competitive against equivalent people at that level without spending a decent chunk of money, they’ve not got a home within my unit

1GoML GG – AgAgreed, people fast level and then get mad they can’t compete lol. By all means it’s us who are ruining the game*Rolls eyes* If you could recruit 1 outside player into JC, who would it be and why?

James Christington – If there’s one person I’d love to recruit from this level bracket, it’d be Barbstoyland. His setups are so strong for his level and plays so efficiently, I think he’d be a perfect addition to the units effectiveness overall

1GoML GG – If he has your respect he has mine. Since leading JC’s Rowdy bunch what has been your favorite clan war and why?

James Christington – There have been so many amazing wars in the past it’s hard to pick out one that stands out entirely. Personally, when it comes to my favourite wars, it’s more down to the teamwork of the Clan, as well as the comradery of the opponents. It’s all well and good to roflstomp 3 teams without getting a lick of resistance, or getting spanked to oblivion by the same 3 teams because of level differences. Although in saying that, I do have to admit a couple wars ago we were very proud of our Gold when we came across a team nearly 20 levels higher than our average, and still managed to eek out a win. That felt good to us all

1GoML GG – Level differences are tough to overcome. I’m sure you remember spanking me in the Ruby Dragon Vs 99th Chessman days. When it comes to long term success, how do you keep your players motivated after a long stretch of clan war wins?

James Christington.- We become motivated by going to new challenges. As of right now, we’re trading in our Tier IV loot of Gold to Tier III Silvers for the moment to try and get more rewards and bigger mechs for our hanger bays, but rest assured we’re eyeing up that Gold spot;)

1GoML GG – Uh oh! I see a challenge taking place! Ok for all of the new clan leaders out there with big dreams of becoming the next gold standard what’s one piece of advice you’d like to give them?

James Christington – My greatest piece of advice is, keep working at it and keep in the same division. If you’re new to the business of winning, try to work with some of the main families like BS, Dragons, AFF, HF to get your numbers and members, then work from there. Nowadays it’s very hard, close to impossible in fact, to get a full clan together and have them all fit for Gold medals without contacting these head factions

1GoML GG – Ah, using outside resources. Thats a good idea! Alright last question for the night, what’s your favorite style of a ‘successful clan’, this is multiple choice A) Warlock style, you’re the best of the best in D1, but you let the rest play in D2-D9. b) CHOP/99th style, You dominate 1-2 divisions amongst a close group of friends. C) Dragon, BS style. You dominate in number and control half of the divisions.

James Christington – Personally, I love the CHOP/99th style of gameplay. Some people know that we had 2 Rowdy clans for a long time in the game, so we’re used to that kind of gameplay, however with less and less people playing as time goes on, we were limited to a single unit. You never know, one day we’ll have enough interest for another full team

1GoML GG – Indeed, close group is always fun! Alright James Christington anything else you’d like to add before we close for the night?

James Christington – Just for people to keep working at their clans and going for that Gold! Unless you’re against the Rowdy Bunch;)

1GoML GG – Thank you James, good luck in the next war my friend!

James Christington – Thank you sir!

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