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What specialty is most effective in Clan Wars? By Michael Telladira ID #637975

I’ve seen a variety of specialists in clan war. 10 ton to 90 ton, limited spec tons, rainbows, weapon specs etc. My issue with some of the specialists I go against is I feel it’s a wasted specialists slot used. Let’s break it down further so you understand where I’m coming from.

If you’re a lower level player in the current division the best specialist slot you can use is limited tonnage. You take away the advantage of higher level players by evening the playing field to the best of your ability. By using this specialist slot you’re limiting their mech tonnage to equal yours. The only thing they will have over you at this point is weapon slots and potential random equipment slots based on their level. However, you’ve taken away all of their extra mechs and limited the numbers to equal yours.

Let’s look at 10 ton in this category. The enemy will have extra ants, possibly even an extra line of ants. More weapon slots and more equipment depending on levels. Ants have far fewer weapons than the bigger mechs that we usually fight with meaning if they have 2 extra slots compared to you example level 85 = 15 Weapon Slot vs random level with 17 Weapon Slot that’s a much higher advantage than a Boreas at 38 to 41.

If you’re a higher level that’s weak in your current division you’d want to do the opposite. Use 10 ton to exploit the weapon/equipment/ant difference. This will make it impossible to be beaten up on by the lower level camper/spenders for the current war. (Unless you’re out of formation).

Please note this isn’t for people who go out of their way to spending resources on niode mech/equipment specialist. Example being 20 ton all axe and all niode equipment. If a higher level with shocklite comes you can have an advantage depending how many resources you devoted to the cause.

I’m going to save Rainbows for another time, weapon choice specialists to me is a waste unless you literally are devoted to one type of weapon.

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