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Wave Challenges By Spike Shepard ID #846030

I used to enjoy wave challenges. Every few days there was a new challenge and it was an ideal time to test formations and tweak line ups. It helped that every time the challenge dropped I could be top of the pile in division 3 or anywhere in division 2 battling against pilots 30 – 100 levels higher. It was also nice to pick up niodes and weapons for no experience. It was just fun and at times tactical too.

For me though the wave challenges have lost their spark. They’ve not only stagnated but it’s at the point that the division 1 pilots don’t even bother, knocking over a handful of waves and picking up niodes and weapons they’re only going to sell! Why? Well, let’s discuss this below. 1) The first issue for me is that there are only 3 divisions and only the top 5 get prizes. 10 Niodes and a Proton Degenerator for first place, 5 niodes and an Orbital Defense Laser for places 2-5.

That’s good for divisions 2&3 but junk for Division 1. At the levels you need for Division 1 you can buy crystal weapons that are almost as good! My ideas are first you need to mix up the weapons every challenge. Throw in some fire, projectile and missile weapons. Mix it up a bit! But not only that, make the weapons level / division relevant. Your giving overpowered weapons to Division 3 and under powered weapons to Division 1.

2) The divisions! You only have 3 divisions and only 5 winners in each. Also the last few challenges have been static, by static I mean there’s only been 1 where I’ve been in Division 3. Every other one has had me in Division 2 facing opponents 80-100 levels higher. If this is how they’re going to be just give everyone over level 200 free orbital defense lasers and free niodes and cancel the wave challenges! The shake up needed is either more divisions or extend each division to 10 places and get some serious competition going. Give places 5-10 something like a Yule Log and 2 niodes.

3) You only get 6 mechs per wave challenge to battle and half the time 5 out of 6 mechs are either under 50 tons or all over 80 tons. I would up this to 8 mechs, 4 crystal, 4 niode and throw in a range that is consistent from high to low. We have over 80 purchasable mechs. Well over 100 mechs in you add in those rare mechs we only see in raids like elves, Og-Ants, etc.

There’s so much that can be done with the wave challenge but it hasn’t changed since day one. I for one say it’s time to use some of my ideas and freshen it up Anyhoo, it’s TTFN until my next article only in the Galaxy Gathering!

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  1. Ben Rail on August 31, 2019 at 3:36 pm

    Agree with all your suggestions Spike, but as a D1 player I can confirm I’m very much involved in each and every Challenge and that now usually involves me winning 40+ rounds for each mech type. Whilst I’m always happy for different and better weapons each one I’ve won so far (first or 2-5) has been equipped as they are far better than those crystal weapons available to me. (Note I’ve already maxed out the top 3 or 4 crystal weapons in each category).

    A general suggestion which applies to all events not just these challenges is lets get some new “craftsmen” weapons which can only be won not bought and perform better than a similar crystal weapon at the differnt levels. Also these weapons should extend all the way up from Level 10 – Level 500. Just like the Nephilax you can only sell it for crystals but it would make all competions that bit more worthwhile.

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