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Post War Interview With Joshua Bourne Player ID 702128 By 1GoML ID# 637975

 Hello everybody and welcome to our first episode of GG interviews with 1GoML. Today we have our first guest appearance, he’s a direct descendant of the Bourne legacy, everyone please give a warm welcome to Joshua Bourne Player ID 702128!

1GoML GG – Hello Joshua, glad to see you brother. I remember last interview we were in opposite chairs. Now Joshua how did you like the chance of pace coming into the MG birthday with a faction war?

Joshua Bourne – I enjoyed it thoroughly. There was a lot of added surprises thrown in along the way and it made for the run up to both the Birthday celebration, and the Faction War itself, very enjoyable

1GoML GG – Yes, there were a great number of surprises all the way through. Was there anything you would’ve liked to see more of or less of?

Joshua Bourne – Personally for the Birthday Celebrations, I was hoping for the usual 40% or higher Upgrade sales, or the absolute barrage of Kotm’s that we’ve been used to over the last 7 years. But other than that, I believe Nick did an absolute stellar job through it

1GoML GG – Indeed big upgrade sales are always nice. For the faction war itself you represented Diamond Dragons. Which round was your favorite and why?

Joshua Bourne – My favourite round had to be against Angels of Osiris. Although we lost, we gave ’em a good fight and it was one hell of a battle. Plenty of amazing people in that group. Hats off to them for the Gold. Thoroughly deserved

1GoML GG – Oh yea, they are a strong group. Any surprises in this round or did everything kind of happen as expected? Any surprising victories or defensive wins?

Joshua Bourne – I did get a handful of Defensive wins, both in the Rounds themselves and between fights when people were scouting. Gave me a nice morale boost to see players bounce off of my lines when I’m a Free To Play player at this level bracket

1GoML GG – Free to play that high up as successful as you are?? That’s amazing, I actually didn’t know that about you. I hope this gives all the free players hope that they can become as strong as you. You guys ended up with silver, I know everybody wants the gold. Overall you landed a Pike and an Aspis for niode mechs, at your level are either of those helpful to you or did you pawn them both off for the niodes?

Joshua Bourne – Personally, I believe that the Aspis isn’t very good at any level nowadays as it’s way too defensive, however the Pike is a solid addition to anyone’s arsenal post level 115. I already have a few in my lineup and in my hanger bay so this one went to the scrapyard, however if I didn’t have the surplus I’d have kept a hold of it for sure

1GoML GG – Understandable, even at level 88 my Aspis is only used in rainbows. Last question before we head out for the evening. At your level and knowing you are a free to play player I must know. What’s one player you like to test yourself against?

Joshua Bourne – I love to test against Jelloshots. We’ve always been so close over the years of me being in these tiers, and now that we’ve been working together within the Dragon/Brotherhood family, we’re able to give eachother feedback when it comes to the pair of us testing new formations and lineups

1GoML GG – Jello is another very strong player at your level so it’s understandable you pick him for a testing partner. Now that the faction war is behind I hope the raid pays you out very nicely. =] anything you’d like to add Joshua?!

Joshua Bourne – Just that I thank everyone for being a part of this amazing Universe, and to keep on battlin’!

1GoML GG – Thank you Joshua. I don’t care what Kenneth Hicks says about you, you’re ok with me!

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