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Mecha Galaxy 7th Birthday Bash By Spike Shepard ID #846030

It was the big event that we had been waiting for all week … Mecha Galaxy’s 7th Birthday! There was the promise of free stuff, curcuits, mission prizes, niodes bonuses on clan purchases, new vortex only equipment, etc, etc…so what did we get?

 Well, first off I have to start with our own plans at Dragons. We’d spent the days before sorting out a mass clan buy and the moment the clock hit midnight we all came together in our one day ‘buy-in’ clan and went for it. By the time we had all purchsed niodes, I had more niodes than I had ever had before.

 First place to go was the Mech sale where I immediately bought 2 x Cyclops for only 77 Niodes each. With these bought I sold my Torrents. I did consider buying myself a second Revenant but as these were in the vortex I decided to hold fire on the purchase and hit the Birthday Vortex which was crammed full of some amazing stuff. By the end of the day I had purchased 23 times from the Vortex recieving over 69 items of equipment, mechs and weapons. How did I buy so many times? Well, a little bit of luck Iin getting a few mechs, most of which I stripped of weapons then sold to fund further Vortex puchases. The only Mech I didn’t sell…you guessed it! A Revenant! Sweet.

 For a change I had very few weapons and instead pulled a large amount of Vortex only equipment. My personnal favourite item being Medusa’s Eye. Which I’ll cover in my next Vortex Equipment post (so look out for it in the Galaxy Gathering). Luckily I got enough of these to equip my whole Crit-Kill line! So, these plus a few other items from the vortex, have made my mechs a lot tougher overall.

 But there was still more happening!

I went to the Circuit Battles only to find a number of circuits already in progress. I quickly worked out how much energy I’d be needing on these alone and decided the only way I was going to be competative was to get a double energy. Luckily I had hoarded ‘Sparklers’ and used one. Luckily the first one I used gave me a 12 Hour energy recharge at double my normal rate and I was ready to hit those circuits hard! For those of you who just asked what a sparkler is, it’s a Festive Light ( Random Power Up) I managed to get a load of these as gifts many Mecha Galaxy moons ago and hoarded them for special occasions….like today! You never know when you’re going to need a random power up!

 So, the circuits, over the day there were 11 Birthday Circuits in Total with the prizes for each position being….

1st – Gold – 8 Niodes &  A Birthday Niosemaker

2nd – Silver – 4 Niodes & A Birthday Barrage

3rd – Bronze – 2 Niodes & A Birthday Blast

I’d accidently slept in after a busy day previously so joined the first 2 circuits a little late only managing to get a Bronze in each. Out of the 9 remaining curcuits though I did a lot better with 6 x Golds and 2 x Silvers. So in total I won 60 Niodes, 6 x Birthday Niosemakers, 2 x Birthday Barrages & 2 x Birthday Blasts.

Sweet! My best Mecha Galaxy Birthday Haul to date so far. But why did I only win 10 out of 11 Medals? Well, one of the circuits was a 70 ton max and I just don’t have that line up! Why not? I see it as pointless overall. Only a handful of pilots use this formation and the ones that do have it high in niode mechs. Not only that but when it comes down to KOTM’s you’ll get the odd 70 Ton KOTM once in a blue moon. So disagree with me if you will but I just don’t see it as a formation that’s worth the time or investment.

 Anyhoo…that still wasn’t it. In between all this I was running missions trying to find one of the elusive Birthday Regis that were being found by other pilots. So, 1000+ energy later I had a Birthday Regis and over 40 sightings of other Birthday Regis. Great, I had found one! But there were a few pilots who were lucky enough to find two of these Birthday Regis that were mysteriously popping up out of nowhere and disappearing just as quickly. But I couldn’t really complain as I had spent a lot of energy in the circuits winning niodes and weapons.

 So with only 2 hours to go until the end of the Birthday Bash I finally dragged myself back to my hanger and fell asleep in the cockpit of my Pike to sleep until the start of Faction Wars 3350.

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