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Mecha Building With The Big Boys: The Mystery Vortex (The re-visit) By Spike Shepard ID #846030

I know, I’ve covered the Mystery Vortex before and I’ll be back to covering vortex items soon. Bare with me on that one.

 It’s been a fair old while since I last assessed the Mystery Vortex and made a number of suggestions … but have they been taken up by the powers that be? Lets see…

1) I have a 16% chance of getting a mech! Hmmm no change there then! Also there are no unbuyable mechs like Guardian, Cavailier, Redeemer or Warden. As I was away for the last two multi-verses I would love myself a Warden or Redeemer. Plus if I win a Kami I’ve got to wait a few levels to unlock it… I already have a few sitting in my hanger so I don’t really want another one in there.

2) I have a 19% chance of getting vortex only equipment! An improvement on the 16% chance of getting vortex only equipment last time but it’s not a massive jump. As said before jack in that 8% of buyable niode equipment and this can easily be raised to a 27% chance on vortex only equipment!

3) I have a 63% chance of getting a weapon! No change here and again they are still weapons that are buyable and easily buyable at my level. Add in the current 25% of laser weapon sale where I just bought 5 x Project VDB for only 129 Niodes and you’ll see that paying 165 niodes for a high chance of only 3 weapons really doesn’t do you any favours if you’re thinking of buying from the vortex. Come on, 9 weapons at a 7% chance each. I can get 5 Blue Dragons in the current Laser weapon sale for 144 Niodes! Why would I pay 165 niodes to get 3 of them?

4) I have an 8% chance of getting junk (this is what I call buyable niode equipment) and this is the same as before. All these items will be much cheaper in the next equipment sale that pops up where they will all cost less than 50 niodes each. Do you really want to spend 165 niodes with the chance of getting niode equipment you can buy for less in the next sale?

in total thats a 106% chance out of 100?!?! and 71% of that is JUNK! I know it’s all percentages but 106% chance just doesn’t make sense.

 To repeat myself from my last vortex post…The only reason to dip into the vortex for me is the vortex only equipment, it’s all I ever look at. Mechs are nice but they are stripped of their weapons and sold. The rest of the vortex is simply filler and not worth the hard earned niodes.

 I just haven’t been listened to about my suggested improvements which i’m not going to repeat here, I’m just going to point you in the direction of my last vortex post. Needless to say I haven’t boought anything from the vortex since my last post because it’s a giant waste of my hard earned niodes!

 Anyhoo! once again It’s TTFN but i will be back soon with my assessments of the vortex only equipment that is available.

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