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‘Mecha Building With the Big Boys- The Cyclops 95 Tons By Spike Shepard ID #846030

It’s good to be back doing what I do best, telling you how to build your mechs so that you can be as tough as old boots!

 Why am I finally getting around to the Cyclops? Well, the night before I wrote this I was discussing the Cyclops with Kenneth Hicks and he took me through his build. The first thing I did was show him how I was planning to equip both my Cyclops when I buy them.

 Come this morning I was chatting away to Yan over lunch discussing that Diamond Dragons had been lucky enough to win 2 lotteries in a row, when Yan remarked that he had sold his Cyclops because he just didn’t see them in his future plans.

 So with 2 different thoughts on the Cyclops lets take a look at it…..


Ferrite: 19500

Bioptics: 15400

Niodes: 100

Statistical Readout

Tonnage – 95

Armor Points – 250

Start Weapons – 10

Min Level – 91

Min Heavy Skill – 50

Levels/Weapon – 3

As said, I don’t have a Cyclops so i’ve done the Math and will be assuming that the Cyclops I’m equipping is at it’s max level of 210. So, I have these Mech Bonuses: (Without Equipment)

Splash 15%

1.5 x Damage 40%

1.6 x Damage 40%

2 x Damage 10%

3 x Damage 5%

Precision (32)

Dodge (2)

Laser Damage + 76%

Speed + 17

Projectile Shield 25%

Splash Shield 20%

Fork Shield 20%

Wide Fork Shield 20%

Trample Shield 20%

I also have these equipment slots…

7 x Cockpit

6 x Chassis

8 x Engine

4 x Shields

Cockpit Slots…

So, 7 cockpit slots and a built in precision of (32). I would usually push a niode cockpit here but this time your best option is a crystal cockpit……

Sensor Array

Precision (10)

Freeze 4%

Laser Damage + 5%

Now, before you all think I’ve lost my marbles, listen up….

 7 of these added to your built in Precision (32) give you a Precision (102). Now, not a lot of people know this but your precision you need to aim at is 95 – 96 as this will give you 19 hits out of 20 shots fired and you’re not going to imporve on this. A higher precision doesn’t seem to do anything (I’ve tried it) So the Precision (102) that the Sensor Array gives you is plenty to make sure your 19 out of 20 shots hit the target.

 But that is not all! 7 of these give you Laser Damage +35%! Add this onto your +76% Built in and your Laser Damage is now +111% SWEET!

 I know we don’t have freeze on our Cyclops but 7 of these give us a 28% chance of freeze. That’s in between a 1 in 3 / 1 in 4 chance that your opponent is frozen on their next turn….I’ll take it, I love a bit of freeze on my mech.

As said I know it’s a crystal cockpit but why waste 400 niodes on a Niode cockpit? You don’t need the added precision plus they don’t have the additional laser damage! If the Cyclops was a 90 Tonner I’d immediately go for Predator Targetting, but it’s not and none of the other cockpits in the 95 ton range are going to give your Cyclops the offensive kick the sensor array does.

Onto the Chassis …

you’ve got 6 slots and I’ve seen some dodgy equips here. This is where I stand…you only have 4 shielding slots but you have all the secondary damage covered…so why not max it out as much as you can AND add some shielding while you’re at it! Here’s what I’m putting in my 6 Chassis slots…

2 x Caspian Legs

Dodge (11)

Shield (16)

Trample Shield 35%

Fork Shield 35%

Speed – 2

2 x Roklar Connectors

Dodge (10)

Splash Shield 35%

Shield (7)

2 x Shielded Sensors

Dodge (16)

Proj. Damage + 5%

Wide Fork Shield 25%

Fork Shield 25%

Shield (12)

Yeah, now you see my logic! Add in the built in dodge of (2) and you get Dodge (76). All that shielding adds up to Shield (70). Add in all of the extra shielding against secondary attacks ( as far as I understand it each extra one gets half of the % added) and you’ll end up with

Trample Shield 55%

Splash Shield 55%

Wide Fork Shield 45%

Fork Shield 80%

Which give you some damn solid defence against all types of secondary attack, especially Fork! I know there’s a -4% speed but that’s nothing when you see the overall build

Onto The Engine…

You have an amazing 8 slots here and I immediately knew what to do with these!

8 x Field Array Propulsion

Speed + 12

2X Damage 5%

Precision (1)

Auto Repair (1)

So….8 of these beauties give you +96 speed! Add in your in built +17 and your speed is + 113! Thank me later! What people forget about speed is that it doesn’t just cover speed of fire and weapon cycling….NO! Speed also adds to your dodge! Yes…yes it does! There’s some fancy mathematical equation but I heard it referenced best that each 5-10 points of speed adds (1) to your dodge, why? Duh the quicker you move around the battle field the harder you are to hit! So this awesome speed is going to add 11 – 22 points to your dodge! This isn’t going to be listed anywhere as a fact but that puts your dodge as anywhere between 87 – 98 which is going to make you tough to hit!

 The 2 x Damage is going to add up to 40% add in the Built in 10% and you’ve got a 50% chance of 2 x Damage.

Yes you get another (8) to your precision boosting your precision to (110)

But best of all you get Auto Repair (8) so if you do get hit you’re repairing quickly.

Shielding Slots…

You only have 4 which is not so good BUT if you follow my build all your secondary damage had solid coverage and you have built in Projectile Shielding of 25% so logic dictates that the other 4 shields only need to cover Laser, Missile, Ice and Fire. So here’s what you need…

Redis Epsilon
Ice Shield 33%
Fire Vulnerable 8%
Shield (42)
Speed + 1

Akani Epsilon
Fire Shield 33%
Proj. Vulnerable 8%
Shield (42)
Speed + 3

Crabworth Epsilon
Missile Shield 33%
Ice Vulnerable 8%
Shield (42)
Speed + 1

Viridel Epsilon
Laser Shield 33%
Missile Vulnerable 8%
Shield (42)
Speed + 3

Yes, I’ve covered every other type of primary attack you’re going to face and added..

 Shield (168) Add in the Shield (70) from equipment and you have Shield (238) which is going to keep you on the field for longer. plus the add on to speed of 8 is going to take you to Speed (117)!!!

So….Say you get hit with 400 Laser Damage ….

Take off your 33% Laser Shield and there’s 267 damage left. your shield of (238) absorbs a fair whack meaning you only take 39 damage. With your auto repiar of (8) that’s repaired in no time!

 So…Now lets take a look at the Cyclops after this equipment is added…..


Splash 15%
1.5 x Damage 40%
1.6 x Damage 40%
2 x Damage 50%
3 x Damage 5%
Precision (110)
Dodge (76)
Laser Damage + 111%
Projectile Damage + 10%
Freeze 28%
Speed + 117
Auto Repair (8)
Projectile Shield 17%
Laser Shield 33%
Missile Shield 17%
Ice Shield 17%
Fire Shield 17%
Trample Shield 55%
Splash Shield 55%
Wide Fork Shield 45%
Fork Shield 80%
Shield (238)


 I’ve built you a beast! It’s super fast! It’s well armoured! It’ll hit almost every time and with massive damage! You get it, it’s super Cyclops!!!

 So all you need to do now is arm this little beauty!

Depending on your level – lets say you’re level 210 then you’ve got the….

Flux Disruptor (niode) Min Level 160

Damage 150
Speed 108
3X Damage 30%
Slow (10)

This beauty boosts your 3 x Damage and give you Slow. Add in those other multipliers and your opponent is toast!

 You get the idea.

Anyhoo it’s TTFN until I bring you my next article in the one, the only Galaxy Gathering!

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