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Mecha Building With The Big Boys – Energized Dome By Spike Shepard ID #846030

 I was out one morning with two of my clanmates, Kilotone and Kenneth, chasing up a lead of a pirate raiding party using new tech on one of the pirate moons. It was around 09.00 hours and we were an hour into our sweep of the planet when out of nowhere Kenneth gets blindsided by laser fire from a Frigis that wasn’t there a minute ago which just missed his Namtar ‘DerpTarr’

 Kilotone was right next to Kenneth and was the first to return fire but the barge from his Revenant seemed to just glance off the pirate’s Frigis. ‘What the! I never miss from that range’ Remarked Kilotone over the Comms.

In these few seconds I had managed to maneuver my Pike around to blindside the pirate’s Frigis and opened up with a salvo of my own from my Twin Quad Rifles but to my amazement one shot was deflected into the sky and the other came back at my pike whizzing past my cockpit.

‘Did you see that!’ I shouted over the comms. ‘That’s insane! I almost took myself out!’

 The Frigis though had other ideas. Realizing it was outnumbered, the pirate fired back a suppressing volley of shots as it opened a portal. But it hadn’t banked on Kenneth and Kilotone’s pincer movement and crossfire plan. But as their shots hit the Frigis it somehow reflected them straight back and though Kilotone was lucky enough to avoid the damage, Kenneth took a straight hit to DerpTarr’s leg actuator which knocked him clean off his feet.

 Meanwhile I’d been lining up a kill shot with one of my Chronysis Rails and just and the Frigis jumped into the Portal I fired! My shot hit the pirate’s Frigis in the cockpit but instead of the usual explosion the cockpit done came flying off as the Frigis stumbled through the portal which quickly shut behind it.

 We all quickly scanned for any other signs of an ambush but we were alone again. The strangest thing was that the dome protecting the cockpit was giving off some strange readings so we bagged and tagged it for a drop ship pick up.

  Back at the Blackwatch base a few hours later myself and Kenneth approached our tech team to get an update on this ‘dome thing’ that had come off the pirate Frigis.

 ‘Well’ replied Bob , our head of tech ‘I’ve never seen this technology before! I mean, this dome is energized and gets more energized the more damage it takes until eventually it starts reflecting and deflecting anything you throw at it. The stats he gave us were as follows….

Energized Dome
Min Tons – 80
Max Tons – 100
Rebound 1.5%
Laser Shield 8%
Splash 3%
Shield (10)

 The questions left unanswered are many!

1) Where did this tech come from?

2) Who is responsible for it’s creation?

3) Is this something to do with the Technomancer?

4) For the Frigis to deflect back almost all our hits how many of these shields was it equipped with?

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