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MBWTBB – Technomancer Aegis 95 – 105 Tons By Spike Shepard ID #846030

 I was wandering around my local arms dealer when I saw that they had just had in a shiny new shipment of a new shield I’d bnever heard off before……the Technomancer Aegis.

The stats given to me were………….

Rebound 4%
Missile Shield 15%
Laser Shield 5%
Laser Shield (44)

 So, taken in by the silver tongued salesman I bought a few and immediately took them back to my hanger to test out.

 So myself and my Galaxy Gathering Cohort Kenneth Hicks spent the rest of the day blasting away at the crystal mechs I had fitted them to in my hanger. The results were this….


1) There is no negative so this does not give the usual minus value to missile damage that a laser shield usually gives. Ideal for a mech such as the Reaper which has built in missile vulnerability.

2) You get rebound damage so when you get hit a percentage of your attackers damage is returned.

3) You have decent shielding against Laser and Missile. So, once again, a shield to keep in mind for your Reaper.

Why the ho ha?

1) The rebound 4% is exactly that….4% of DAMAGE rebounded! I know some of the other pilots thought it would be a 4% chance of damage reflected back on the attacker ( Which Would be awesome!) but no, just 4%. So if you get hit with 1000 damage your attacker takes 40 damage. Yeah, just 40 damage.


1) Usually when you get shielding of (44) on a shield it covers all types of damage. With this shield only covering laser It’s only good if your hit by a laser. If you’re hit by an Ice weapon like a ‘Zero Wave’ it’s doing nothing for you!

In Conclusion…..

 This is a shield that, placed on the right mech like a Reaper, can bring you a lot of plusses without the negatives of more missile vulnerability. On the other hand the rebound damage is minimal at best and as a straight out shield it doesn’t give the protection that a Corusca Epsilon or similar shield would give. With the right build and a bunch of similar shields covering the other types of attack you could reflect back decent damage BUT this would be at a serious cost to your own shielding as you would take similar damage due to your lack of overall shielding.

 So, with this review done I’ll get back to testing and will update you should any more of these Technomancer shields turn up.

 TTFN and stay tuned to The Galaxy Gathering for further Technomancer news.

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