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MBWTBB – Techno Buffer Shield 100 – 105 Tons By Spike Shepard ID #846030

 Somedays it gets to the point where your just sick of pirates….today was that day…..

After trying out the aforementioned Technomancer Aegis shield with Kenneth I decided to take a little jaunt around the pirate moons hoping to claim a bounty on some pirates that had been hi-jacking supply lines.

 It was one of those, I can’t sleep lets follow up that lead I got, type of moments and as the informant was always reliable and said they were in 100 tonners but they were crystal I fancied my chances of an easy payday and told Kenneth to get some sleep as it wasn’t worth wasting his time.

 How wrong I was….

I found the base, the pirates were there, that was the easy part. The diffucult part was that they were not in crystal mechs, they had niode weapons and they had those new spangled shields that shot everything back at me!

 To cut a long story short it took a few minutes and I finally had the pirates on the run fleeing for their lives. The problem was that most of my damage I had taken was from myself and not from the pirates mecha.

 The only positive was that on one pirate mecha that I downed I found another of those spangly strange Technomancer shields which I promptly picked up and took back to my hanger.

 By this time it was almost morning so I left the shield in my hanger with a post it note stuck to it for Bob (our tech guy) to test it out when he arrived.

 After a few hours sleep I returned to my hanger to find Bob in the cockpit of Bore Da (my Boreas) carrying out the final tests. After a few minutes Bob exited the cockpit and waved me over to his console where he showed me the technical data he had gathered from his hours of testing.

 Techno Buffer

Minimum Tons 100
Maximum Tons 105
Reflect 1%
Dodge (2)
Missile shield (55)
Projectile shield (99)

 Yet another shield for the big mechs but once again this shield, like the others, has the ability to reflect damage. There is dodge built in and some tidy shielding versus missile and projectile weapons which could be quite useful.

So now we have the Technomancer Aegis, Energised Dome and Techno Buffer.

 What else does the Technomancer have in store for us?

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