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MBWTBB – Reflect v Rebound – A Shielding Story… By Spike Shepard ID #846030

It was mid afternoon and the hanger was hot, really hot. Yes the sun was shining outside but that wasn’t it. For anyone passing by my hanger all you could hear was the sound of weapons fire and smoke creeping out of every barrel on my custom equipped Pike.

 It wasn’t always like this though, usually the hanger bay was full of chatter and the noise of general repairs being carried out as my tech and hanger crews worked around the clock to keep my mechs in pristine combat condition. But the last  few weeks had been anything but normal…

 As we all know the Technomancer has been equipping every rogue, pirate and bandit for his army and we’ve all been up against some well equipped and armed combatants. The difference was that finally, after a few skirmishes over the last few days, I had gotten my hands on a few pieces of shielding that had been left behind after said skirmishes.

 As each piece had been found my head of tech Bob had done his bit and given me the readouts but I hadn’t really got around to absorbing the results.

 With so much going on I had just speed read Bob’s findings and stuck them in my ‘In’ tray for further musings. It was only only waking this very morning that I finally had an epiphany in realising that the new shields had two different types of new tech.

1) Reflect

2) Rebound

 I immediately informed Kenneth Hicks and said I would do a ‘write up’ for Galaxy Gathering based on a ‘bit more testing’ To which he hummed before saying ‘To be honest Spikey boy, I hadn’t really been listening as you do ramble on a bit!’


 So here’s the findings from the days testing, with less rambling and more facts.

1) Reflect – testing showed that a reflect shield will simply reflect damage. What this means is that if you’re hit rather than take any damage the ‘Reflect’ kicks in and, if successful all damage is reflected. Not a percentage of damage, no, the whole thing. It’s just like the attack missed you. It’s a positive but sadly the reflect technology only seems to reflect damage away safely no there’s a zero percent chance of it hitting anything….but at least it didn’t hit you!

2) Rebound – testing has shown that the power of the rebound shielding will deflect a percentage of the damage you recieve back onto the attacker. So, say you take 1000 damage and your rebound shielding is 4%. Then your attacker will take 40 damage. If it’s 100 damage and your rebound shielding is 4% then your attacker will take 4 damage. With this though your attackers shielding does not stop this rebound damage. It almost as if the rebound shield causes the weapon to ‘blowback’ dealing the damage directly to the internal mecha system of the attacker. Oh, and yes, this happens on every attack that hits you! But sadly it doesn’t seem to be able to reflect crit-kill, freeze, burn or any other effect said weapon may deliver to you.

3) Testing has also returned results that rebound shielding like the Vupa Defender and Technomancer Aegis have 5% rebound and 4% rebound respectively Whereas the Energised Dome only has a 1% rebound chance.

 In respect of the Techno Buffer it only has a 1% chance of reflecting damage. But I did pick of 3 of these yesterday during various skirmishes on the Pirate Moons.

So with a combination of these shielding types (I have both on my Guardian) you can both get rebound and reflect on the same mech and yes I did get one shot that did both reflect and rebound.

 In conclusion we can only see what technology the technomancer brings us next and keep our fingers crossed that we get it soon enough to be able to either use it, or find a way around it.

 TTFN and stay tuned to the Galaxy Gathering for more up to the minute news.

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