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MBWTBB – Faction Wars 3350….Part 2 By Spike Shepard ID #846030

With only days to go to Faction Wars 3350 the hot topic under discussion is EXPERIENCE. You can’t pass a pilot without some mention of how experience gain is going to affect those who are not level 200+ and how certain clans are either looking to sit the war out or just make a faction that doesn’t turn up for the battle and just waits for the raid afterwards.

These are going to be the key factors which make or break Faction Wars 3350 so lets take a closer look at the issues.

1) The experience gain will destroy many a lower level player

First off the big guns (pilots over level 300) are scoffing at this and arguing with the lower level pilots. So lets examine this briefly….

Each faction is made up of 23-40 pilots so the better pilots will fight anywhere between 80-120 battles. With each battle giving 300-400XP even lower level pilots are going to gain around 40,000 XP.

It’s a fact that at my piloting level of 125 each piloting level is 11,200 XP so 3 days of battle plus the raid is going to gain me 3-4 levels.

For those at level 280 it’s shown that they need 20,000 XP for each piloting level. So these pilots will gain 1-2 Levels

When you get the the highest echelons on MG pilots who are level 400+ need 120,000 XP for each piloting level so 40,000 XP doesn’t even make a dent only taking them up a third of a level.

These piloting experience levels are fact so the huge margins can be seen clearly on how experience will affect pilots participating in Faction Wars.

2) The prizes don’t match the experience and levels gained…

This is a fact that separates many pilots when it comes down to any war. Divisions 2 and Under get general prizes depending on medal won and completing a minimum number of wins. that has never changed and I doubt it ever will. So In this Faction War the low level pilots are going to end up with the same old, same old that doesn’t even cover 1 piloting level.

BUT! If you’re in Division 1 you get all the above plus you always get a niode mech pre-levelled and equipped with it’s standard weapon loadout PLUS you get niode weapons and equipment on top of this and that’s just for turning up! You don’t need to win battles, you don’t need to do anything!

‘Hi, you’re in division 1, here’s your free stuff!’

Yeah, my thoughts exactly! The pilots who don’t even gain a level get the goods! The niodes rain down and all they’ve done is turn up. The lower level guys and gals popping 3-4 levels are stuck with the same old stuff that barely covers one of those levels….fair it is not and it gives pilots little reason to try their best and fight hard the moment that siren sounds!

The issue is that there are 4 types of pilot…

1) The power pilot who just levels like there’s no tomorrow. If there is he’s gaining levels as fast as he can. This is the ploting level 300 club and up!

2) The Campers – they’ve been here since day one and they’ve not even hit level 100…or level 50…or you get the picture. They hoard resources like a nuclear winter is around the corner and see all experience as evil.

3) The controlled levelers (that’s me!) – We are bang in the middle of the first two aforementioned types of pilot. We level when we’re ready and make sure that when we level we have the resources to do so. It’s very rare we level without the next level being planned and we know that gaining 3-4 levels in clan wars will seriously affect our carefully outlined planning.

4) The for fun pilots – they’re in MG for the fun, for the thrill! They fly by the seat of their pants (literally). They’re not looking for experience but don’t mind some if the rewards are adequate enough to cover the gain.

Here you see the issue. there’s only one type of pilot wanting the experience gain no matter what and they are the one’s who it will affect the least yet they will get the best rewards.
Fair? It never has been!
So what can the powers that be do to?
My idea is this…..

Cancel all experience for the Faction War! (WHAT?) Look at it this way…KOTM’s 1 XP for Gold and Silver medals, Circuits – No XP at present, Wave Challenges – No XP at present and no one has complained about this. So, how about a Faction war with no experience gain then there’s no reason for anyone not joining and no reason for anyone not giving it everything they have. If the high level guys want to complain just take away their free Division 1 prizes and slap them with 1,000,000 XP. Then maybe, just maybe, they’ll understand.

It’s that simple! Otherwise Faction Wars are going to be the biggest turn off to date and of late the Mecha Galaxy has been hemoraging pilots. We can’t afford to lose more as they become more and more disillusioned. Don’t believe me? we used to have 13-14 Divisions each clan war! Last clan war we just about made 9 divisions.

So, what are my plans? Well I’ve joined Diamond Dragons for the Faction War but, if we’re gaining normal experience and the prizes are not there to cover the levels gained then you’ll find me doing the basics at best because I’m not going to break away from my carefully planned levelling just because someone said ‘Faction War’. Thing is I won’t be the only one with this tactic if nothing changes!

Once again it’s TTFN but stay tuned to The Galaxy Gathering for any further developments.

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