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MBWTBB – Faction Wars 3350 By Spike Shepard ID #846030

So once again we come around to Faction Wars, not Mechalypics. Even though many a pilot has requested a Mechalympics we’ve still only ever had one and nothing has been done since. So what are the rules this time? Minimum 23 pilots, Max 40 Pilots, 14 Specialists.

 7th Birthday celebrations aside, I’ve never been one to enjoy a faction war. It’s not that I don’t want to enjoy it but rather than the quick hit planning of clan wars or squad wars we now have complete chaos and the slog from hell if you’re up against a faction with 40 pilots. Add in the experience gains and you can easily easily pop a level every battle and the issue with previous factions wars is that the prizes don’t get anywhere near covering the niode expenditure of gaining a level every battle…let me explain….

1) Experience –  At my current level of 124 I need 11,200 experience to get to my next piloting level. A battle versus a similar tonnage pilot will gain me around 300XP. Say i’m one of the top few in my faction or I am tough enough to punch above my weight then I can be looking at gaining 3000XP for 10 Battles, 6000XP for 20 battles, etc. so say I do my full 40 battles that’s around the 12,000 XP mark. 3 days of this and I gain 3 levels. I’ve done this in a previous Faction War. So did I get enough niodes to cover 3 piloting levels? No, I got a Megazome for being in the top 5 pilots for tonnage destroyed. Even selling this plus every prize I won plus all my raid stuff didn’t cover the 3 piloting levels I gained.

 I’ve had this conversation with other pilots and we’ve been told to sit back, get the wins we need for the prize, etc,etc. But that’s not me, I don’t ride coat tails and I don’t sit on the easy ride. I want to be out there fighting with my clanand my previous experiences have shoen me that Faction Wars punishes you for this. Hell, I don’t have 300+ niodes just to cover my piloting levels I would gain (and that’s in an upgrade sale!) 

 Don’t get me wrong, It’s brilliant for the top power levelling pilots who are likely rubbing their hands with delight! But for those like me who have to control each level until they have enough niodes to cover the level up, equipment needed and weapons needed it’s suicide as you jump up those levels without being prepared.

2) Time – I’ve had the time conversation with a lot of pilots over the Wave Challenge and the reason so many don’t do Wave Challenges is that they can’t do them because of time restrictions.

 So, now we’re going to add in a Faction war where pilots are going to have to fight 70-80 battles a day. So waiting for your battles to refill plus waiting for Mechs to repair in between battles will mean that pilots are expected to spend 3-4 hours each battle day to ‘do their part’ and not let their faction down.

 Those 2 points are just the tip of the issue for me. If experience was dropped, if Factions were smaller ( 16 – 25 Pilots) then there would be less issues and a better viability.

 But still there would be a higher XP gain and more time spent so the reward of a ‘Niode MECH’ for the top 5-10 Hitters still doesn’t cover it. What about pilot number 11 who also gains 3 piloting levels but just misses out on that top 10 mech?

 Last clan war the prizes for the factions were no different to the usual stuff you can win in a normal clan war or squad war.

 Then comes the raid. Another experience gain where your only guaranteed 2 low level weapons and the rest is left to chance! I personally shake my head everytime a raid pops up as the odds of winning something decent is laughable and over half the stuff you can win is crystal! (crystal mechs/equipment/weapons) which you can buy quite easily. Since the crystal give away on curcuits I don’t know a pilot who doesn’t have at least 50,000+ crystal burning a hole on their hanger. I know of one pilot with 324,000 crystal so there has to be pilots with higher. So, we don’t need crystal stuff, every pilot is more than capable of buying their own crystal stuff. Plus with crystal equipment having no piloting level limit the crystal equipment give aways are pointless!

 So what do we need? Well, a Mechalympics for a start! One wasn’t enough! Oh, you were thinknig prize wise? Well first off you need better faction prizes overall, something that is worth fighting for and not the usual crystal filler. No! Niode Weapons, Equipment, Mechs! Same with the raid! Take out the crystal filler and get something decent in there.

 Anyhoo it’s TTFN but I hope I’ve given the powers that be something to consider for the upcoming Faction War.

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