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How To Become A Stronger Player Over A Faster Period Of Time By 1GoML ID #637975

A lot of my previous articles shook some trees, (I am Michael Telladira by name, but by MG I play as 1GoML.) 1GoML is an acronym, it started in Starcraft and carried into MG. I used to say it out loud after a defensive win. Contrary to popular belief it does not stand for get ON my level but rather to get OFF my level. Now days I’m not an arrogant teenager, I’d rather help other players get better and help bring the game back to its glory days.

Without wasting anymore time; let’s get started!

It’s no secret that joining a great gold/silver clan can land you easy weapons/equipment/mechs every month. However, they usually have standards to join in either player activity, strength or both might even be required. This is for obvious reasons in order to maintain their dominance in their current division. Depending on your level would depend on what clan would work best for you here. If you are an insanely weak player, I’d recommend coming in at the bottom end of the clan’s average as you’d be expected to hit and score if you’re near the top end. Example, if you are level 80, you’d want to find a clan who has an average of like 84, come in near the bottom and use a specialist to hide your weakness. If you are mediocre in strength it doesn’t matter as much where in the clan you sit average wise as long as you can score on lower level players. I’d recommend using a regular KOTM and go down a division or two from yourself (try to have a 20-30 level gap) and attack players from the 1st to 10th spot and checking if you can beat all of them. If you beat 7 or more players, you’re fine. Lower than that and we need to re-think mediocre.

Here is a list of the gold clans from D1-D9

D1 Warlocks (independent of any faction)

D2 Northwind Dragons (Dragon/Brotherhood Faction)

D3 Black Watch (Dragon/Brotherhood Faction)

D4 Black Star Lycan Rangers (Black Star Faction)

D5 Phoenix (Black Star Faction)

D6 Diamond Dragons (Dragon/Brotherhood Faction)

D7 Black Star Bandits (Black Star Faction)

D8 1stKearny Highlanders (Dragon/Brotherhood Faction)

D9 JC’s Rowdy Bunch (Dragon/Brotherhood Faction) OR Artic Warfare Bandits

If you aren’t accepted its ok, try for a silver clan and work your strength up into a gold clan OR help your new clan fight for gold by pushing each other to get better. The clans on top stay on top by bouncing ideas off each other and testing each other. Do they spend money? Not as much as people think, some are indeed wallet warriors, no doubt. Regardless, there are a ton of ways to make niodes in MG. (Example me writing this article)

Now the fun part, strip EVERYTHING off your mechas. We are starting from scratch and we are going to build ourselves a battle-ready formation. Some food for thought, just because a mech is niode and the biggest ton you have doesn’t mean it’s the best for you. Example – at level 86 my Notos isn’t as good as my Ignis. It has on average 15 less precision, 10 less dodge, and 12 less speed. They are near equal in shield, the only advantage the Notos has is weapon slots 39 to 33. That being said, an easier way to figure out how good a mech is without loading it up is counting equipment slots. (This isn’t 100% but only to help if you are short on time, otherwise load the best equipment you have and compare each mech)

Start with 1 line, all of your best mecha. Load all of your best equipment, maxing out precision, dodge, speed, shield. Importance is in that order. Try to get as much x2/x3 as you can without sacrificing precision/dodge/speed. Keep in mind there is a cap on precision/dodge. I would tell you if I remembered, I haven’t checked since returning from retirement. I usually go for 100 precision (cap is in 90’s) and 70 dodge (cap is in 60’s). At least that’s what I was told before retirement. I wouldn’t go very low in tonnage for your niode mechs. (I’m at the ability to purchase 95 tons and my lowest is 90 but to be fair I think 85+ is fine) Hopefully you have 1 amazing line, if not we need to go mech by mech on that line maxing each one until we run out of equipment. After that we need to start making niodes asap via articles or circuits (only 8 battles max once experience returns) or videos. Your new niodes should go to equip your first line until each mech on that line is 100%. If your first line is maxed out congrats =] try to repeat the 2ndline, if you can max that out too you are officially of mediocre strength or greater! Repeat until you can’t max out with the best niode equipment. After that we start maxing out with crystal or subpar niode equipment. I do not recommend buying niode mechs outright, wait until raid or clan wars. Try to get into the best limited tonnage formation for specialist if you are on the lower end of the clan average or use the red ant specialist if you are on the higher end of clan average.

Try to avoid experience like it’s the devil, at least until you have all niode mechs of solid tonnage for your level. (side note remember there are mechs like Regis/Smiley that can be utilized as a crit kill when formation building)

Bonus pointer, if you have a lot of fire mech/weapons with burn I’d recommend making a fire line. This will create a lot of ignites and can really terrorize an enemy formation. The most important part is making sure the fire weapon has burn. Without burn there is no ignite which is a waste of a fire line. (All praise Daniel Chung the fire god and master camper)

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  1. Ben Rail on August 31, 2019 at 4:12 pm

    As a level 432 player who regularly hits a daily XP total of 50,000 I’m sure you might take what I have to say with a piece of salt but here goes anyway ;).

    I totally agree with your approach and your max precision / dodge values are inline with my own. Far too many players have too many mechs with low ability, quality over quantity is certainly the approach too take. Always think in terms of lines and it could probably be argued that 2 best lines will outplay most other’s 5 average lines.

    One thing to bear in mind regardless of how long you’re planning on getting there is mechs with a weapon slot every 3 levels will ultimately end up being faster than those requiring 4 (or 5), so given the choice I’d focus on mechs 95T and above, of course if you can find equipment that fits both 90 and 95T then that’s worth an investment too. Although don’t always assume a better “heavier” mech is always the way to go in your current formation, your best performing mechs will change depending on your level, weapons and equipment you already have

    Yes to Burn lines and also Freeze lines, My Regis were always Crit Kill focussed until my Boreas took over that role. The availability of good fire weapons and the burn/ignite damage modifiers make fire damage a useful skill to have.

    The last niode mech I bought was a Torrent a very long time ago, everything else was a prize or from the metaverse, so focus your niodes on equipment and upgrades (when there are sales on). Don’t neglect your crystal mechs, try to build as many specialist formations as you can, they will come in handy at some point. Whilst XP costs have come down recently for kotm events try to pick events you have a better chance of doing well in as the level requirements change (you want be at the top end of the level requirement not the bottom) and make sure your available at the finish time to maybe grab a better medal position (unless it’s a chrono event)

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