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Faction Wars 3350: The Conclusion By Spike Shepard ID #846030

So, the final battles are over and we’re exactly where we expected ourselves to be ….. Silver Medal. As said previously, any idiot could call the Gold medal winners from a mile away. The issue was that the level differences were obvious and many lower level pilots simply succumbed to the overwhelming levels they faced.

We at Dragons had a cheeky stab at Angels just to remind them that first of all we were here and second, if they let slip, we were ready to take the gold. It’s a shame that a certain pilot from the gold clan showed his true colors and ran his mouth, only to retract all his comments until the final hours when they had assured gold and he started to run his mouth again. Yes, I wound him up back and pointed out a few hard facts and it was then I sat back and decided not to waste my time on another clans fool. Let him gloat away, every other pilot can see him for the idiot he is.

Him aside, Congrats to all the Gold medalists and everyone who took part, you made faction wars what it was! So how did I do…. Well, silver was exactly what I knew it was going to be…. Almost everything won got sold and it’s barely covered 1 piloting level upgrade! Why didn’t I go for the top 5 and the level 50 Cyclops? Well, others in the clan wanted it and it would have gained me another level that the sale of the Cyclops would not have covered.

So, where does that leave me? With the campers for the next month or three as I gain the niodes to not only cover the second level gained, but to also gain the niodes to cover the next level that is looming on the not to distant horizon.

So, what’s next? The raid, there’s always a raid! Usually crystal heavy with an experience gain of 1000 – 1500 which only ever guarantees 1 niode weapon and 2 crystal weapons. Do I need another 1000 – 1500 XP? No! No I definitely do not! So unless the raid prizes improve or there’s less XP gain for the ‘one shot’ then I’m sitting it out as the prizes are not worth the XP gain!

So, all that is left are my thoughts on the next faction wars and I only have this to say…. Once again, even with the two vortex items for the pilots who won them, the experience gain was not covered by the prizes. Even that extra mech, had we made gold, would not have covered my second piloting level gained.

So, it pains me to say that, the next Faction War will be sat out. I joined, I waited, but by that time I was clan locked and I’m not the sort of pilot that lets his clan carry him…… So next Faction War I’m not going to listen to the charmed words of the pilots who say to join and wait and see. Plus I’m not going to join some clan who does the bare minimum XP gain to get the freebies. No! I’m out unless there’s proof that the prizes will cover the piloting levels gained.

What we need now is an upgrade sale to get our mechs to our piloting level…a proper sale that is, not the one that went on today and disappeared just as quickly! Most pilots have more than one level to upgrade!

As usual, stay tuned to the Galaxy Gathering and we’ll take a look at the raid when it materializes.

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