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Faction Wars 3350 Raid For You By Spike Shepard ID #846030

With anticipation we awaited the raid on the Technomancer’s forces. It was a jittery few hours as the raid seemed to be ready to go but every faction leader was unable to get the actual locations for the various raids due to ‘technical issues’. Undeterred, we waited for the signal and when it finally arrived the Dragons threw themselves in. Initially I held back with a number of my clan as the scouting party moved on ahead to recon the site and see what, if any, technology was present that was worth fighting for.

Disappointingly the initial findings were of a stack of crystal weapons, mechs and equipment, the usual junk that ends up as scrap and doesn’t even make it to your hanger. The only niode item guaranteed was a scythe and this did little to whet my appetite as I had sold all mine before I even got near level 100 in piloting. Yes, there was a chance at some good niode stuff but the odds weren’t worth the 1071 XP that went along with it. Well, why would it? I can get silver in a KOTM and gain 1 XP for 3-4 powerful niode weapons in division 5!

So, with this in mind, I sat back and let the rest of my clan make the first strike. Usually that’s it for the raid, get yours done and wait to see what you get! But there was something more…. For some reason the Technomancer’s forces only gave half XP for each mech downed. Really? I was skeptical at first but eventually thought ‘what the hell’ and stormed in with all guns blazing and my fingers crossed.

To my surprise it was true! I downed 30 of the Technomancer’s forces but only gained 15XP. Sweet. I could live with 536 XP for a shot at some decent niode stuff. Once I had fulfilled the mech kill count for my one share I sat back and waited for the rest of the Dragons to get their share and finish the raid. But that was where the problems started….. A number of players had hit wall after wall of heralds which they just couldn’t shift. Dragon’s high level pilots hit their raid max trying to clear these and they were still there with even more Armour points and even more auto repair and med bots.

At this time we were almost down to the last 10 hours of our raid so we were cutting it fine to say the least. We discussed raising the raid cap but the issue arose that we just did have much of a raid cap. The raid total was 38578 and there are 35 pilots in the Diamond Dragons faction. When one shot at the mechs is 1071 kills you can see there was very little room for movement. This in itself raised a question! Did every faction have the same raid total of 38578? If so that meant that the factions with 40 pilots had pilots who would miss out while those with less would have double shots.

So the maths’ were done and there was a minimal cap increase so we could all come back in and help clear the heralds. It was hard going and one by one we all dropped out having taken a line or two of heralds with us each. But at the end there were still heralds but an Optio could be seen at the back! We were through. 7 hours left…… We waited patiently, watching the clock, as those who were online finally hit their 1 shot raid total. But with less then 3 hours to go we still had almost 5000 mechs left in the raid and even though we’d left messages in chat, etc, etc the last few strugglers had not returned.

With less than 3 hours to go the decision was made to lift the raid cap and clear the final 5000 mechs. It was this or nobody gets anything! So the handful of Dragons that were online got stuck in and we just about scraped in over the finish line. In the final push I had made the total for a second shot at mechs so couldn’t wait to see if I had got lucky this time (it’s rare I get a mech in a raid…even rarer if it’s a niode mech!)

So, I checked and I got ….. Trash! Oh! I missed it at first glance! I got 1 mech…. A Humbaba….. But the rest is all sellable trash and half of that is crystal junk I can buy. As for the rest of the clan a few had a niode mech, most had trash! The only Dragon that looked to have got a sweet raid was Jon who scored two niode mechs in his one shot. I’ve attached my screenshot of my raid prizes for you at all look at. Let me know what you all got in the comments below!

So, it’s TTFN until my next post in the Galaxy Gathering!

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