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Faction Wars 3350 – Part 4 By Spike Shepard ID #846030

After the non-stop madness of Mecha Galaxy’s Birthday Bash we finally got down to the nitty gritty of day one of the Faction War and I, like many of my clan, bulldozed my way in with about a dozen attacks. Seeing that we were not only well head by over 150 wins and that I had won enough attacks to claim the clan medal prizes, I decided to take a look at the prizes on offer and whether it was worth going all out to get into the top 5 or 10 clan pilots.

 The first thing I noticed, as usual, is the free pre-upgraded mech for Division 1. This time you get a level 60 Xango that is fully equipped and comes with 4 pieces of equipment and weaponry. Nice for some but not for myself as Diamond Dragons was in Division 2.

Ok, so I wasn’t in line for the free pimped out Xango so what were the rest of the prizes like? Well division 1 gets all the sweetness! Wether you get gold or silver you’re getting 3 Niode mechs. So it’s simple, get into a Division 1 faction, win 8 battles, get Gold or Silver, get 4 niode mechs. Bronze gets a raw deal with only 1 niode and 1 crystal mech but they do get the pre-levelled Xango for 6 wins so it isn’t that bad.

 So Division 2 must have some great prizes too, right? Well, Gold gives you 3 niode mechs, Silver gives you 2 niode and a crystal mech while bronze gives you 2 niode mechs. Hold on… Bronze division 2 gets better prizes than bronze division 1. That makes perfect sense. Silver in Division 2 is a 100 ton and 90 ton niode mech. But Bronze gets you a 100 Ton and 95 Ton Niode mech….. hmmm, go figure? Was silver meant to get 3 niode mechs? It’s strange that Bronze just looks a whole lot better than silver in Division 2. But you get the idea, Division 1 is loaded for those in it. Division 2 is just ok (because we don’t get the 6 wins free Xango) and divisions 3 & 4 are the usual low level stuff not worth mentioning unless you’re getting the gold for 3 Niode mechs in Division 3.

 So, to summerize…..Gold in divisions 1 & 2 & 3 are great. Silver in Division 1 is also good. Anywhere outside of these is a crap shoot! That’s my opinion but please prove me wrong if you see things differently.

 With those prizes in mind, it was time to see if it was worth fighting to get those top 5 or 10 most win prizes.

Well top 5 for wins in Divisions 1 & 2 Will get themselves a Cyclops Pre-upgraded to level 50 + and some junk thrown in for good measure plus a Megazome Pre-upgraded to level 20. Not bad at all. But if you’re in the top 10 for Divisions 3 & 4 or just outside the top 5 for divisions 1 & 2 (but in the top 10) then you just get the Megazome. Um, not so good! Yeah, you get disco hips thrown in but most are just going to sell these for a few niodes! Will this cover the experience gain? Do Pigs fly?

 In my honest opinion  it’s disappointing unless you’re in the Gold slots for Division 1 & 2 & 3 or the Silver in Division 1. If you’re not going to get one of these medals (and to be totally honest any idiot could pick the 4 winning factions blindfolded that’s why they didn’t allow betting on the faction wars) then are the prizes worth the experience? In my honest opinion NO! They are not! Once again the experience gained will not be covered by prizes. So, as quite a few have already decided, it’s best to just get your 8 wins needed and watch the view from your cockpit as there isn’t really anything in the prizes to quantify ‘going for it’.

 So what then? Well once the formalities are over you’ve got the raid. Yeah, based on what’s on offer in the main Faction War I don’t see much deviation from the usual low percentage chance of a few niode items and mechs bulked out by enough crystal equipment to fill your second hanger (if you have one). So when the raid goes up i’ll do my usual analysis of whether the experience gain is worth the raid prizes and trust me,I’ve sat out many a raid when the experience just does not match the prizes on offer. Remember, I’m a controlled leveller and each level has to be prepared for with the next level up cost plus any equipment needed covered.

 Anyhoo, we can only see how this all pans out. Until then stay tuned to the Galaxy Gathering for all your Faction War news.

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