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Faction War 3350 Part 3 By Spike Shepard ID #846030

With a bit of persuasion the powers that be have listened to various requests made by the pilots competing in Faction Wars 3350.

Most notable was that pilots can now use 7 instant upgrades per day. Many were delighted to hear this news, as was I, and I immediately finished upgrading my second Ignis before getting on to upgrading my second Anubis that will also be leveled in time for the war.

Add in the upgrade sale that has been running for the last 48 hours and my mechs are well prepared. Only thing I need now is an equipment sale to fill the final few equipment slots.

In other news, prizes for the coming war haven’t yet been announced but 2 items of Vortex only equipment have been added to the prizes. a Refractive Nullifier is available to every pilot winning 8 battles over the 3 days. Whereas Retro Controls are available to the factions that win Gold or Silver medals in the coming war.

This is promising news as there were concerns that pilots would end up winning the same old prizes that are usually just scrapped for niodes. More new prizes have also been promised and we will keep you updated as they are announced.

So once again it’s TTFN until the next time.

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