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Camping For You? By Michael Telladira ID #637975

I’ve been camping for almost 6-7 years now and I’ve heard complaints and praises from a large variety of players. This article will help you decide which party you belong to and more importantly – is camping for you?

First, let’s talk about the community’s viewpoints on camping. The complaints are mostly comments like 1) Camping is killing the game because it deterred new players from staying due to the power of lower level campers. 2) Camping is killing the game because in order to compete against campers you must camp yourself or drop large sums of cash. 3) Camping is so boring, why play the game if you can’t do anything?

Now, let’s talk about the positive vibes I’ve received from camping. 1) Its entertaining to see how much patience campers have. 2) It’s nice to see campers compete against money. 3) Damn, we don’t stand a chance. Enjoy your gold.

In conclusion to the community’s feedback, like with everything there is usually positive vibes and negative ones. I don’t let the background noise deter me or my clanmates from my goal, us winning gold. These 3 paragraphs are only to help you understand how you will be looked upon if you care about popular opinion.

Now for the important stuff, gameplay. To help you figure out in full detail if camping is for you lets stack up pros vs cons.

Pros – Over a period of time you will gain so much strength that you can start fighting against players who are many, many levels above you. Example being – I am level 85 currently. Last War I fought in division 5. To give you an idea, division 5 is roughly a level 120 average or more. Why does this matter you ask? Remember I told you, you can fight against players higher level than you? Larry Tsang x2 level 145, Steven Grist level 138, LarsonS1 level 129, Rolli1level 103, Shawn Lindsell level 103, Eric Simard level 104. All of them attacked me and lost, this resulted in 7 defensive wins and 7 points for my team (at no experience either) I also attacked a few and won. Ok 1GoML, but that’s the first round who cares. Fair point – let’s look at round 2. Roman Alexander Perner level 150, Mark Spiznet level 144, Rick Raschke level 126, Jerry Moon level 124, Joseph Badbear level 119, Douglas Campbell level 103. Again, we have 6 defensive wins, 6 points for my clan at no experience. What would be the point if I can’t contend in the gold medal fight right? Fine, example here – division 5 gold clan from 2 wars ago Death’s Revenge{AFF} also the favorite to win it according to Stug Hill. I wonder how many bets we upset? You can’t blame Sten Hugo Hiller. I’m guessing he went off the fact they won it 2 wars ago and they had a higher-level average. You see, Diamond Dragons had 3 players under level 96 – Tom at 95, FJ at 94 and myself at 85. Revenge’s lowest level? Jim Buck at 111. That’s 16-level gap from Tom and 26 level gap from myself. Let’s see how we stacked up? Duncan Cecil Goetz level 147, Brian D Wise level 141, Christian Reichelt level 136, Dion Smallwood level 123 (we went 1-1), retiredarmyman level 114, Jim Buck level 111 (we went 1-1). Should out to myeponym level 187, Shandar Shadowmist level 173 and especially Charles Zimbelman level 114 for rocking me 2-0 each. In the gold medal fight, I went 8-8 being the lowest level player by far. (I attacked Brian D Wise level 141 2-0) 6 d wins + 2 o wins = 8, mye, shandar, Charles got me for 6, dion and jim got me for 1 each, that’s 8. The best part is on top of being useful in war you also bring your clans average down so they can fight easier opponents.

Last, this also helps greatly in KOTM to gain less experience as you get knocked out less.

Cons – you aren’t useful for a long period of time while gaining traction on your current level. It takes a lot of patience and being smart with experience spent. You constantly have to ask yourself is the reward worth the experience? This can become frustrating as you watch goodies float by you. Some people considering it very boring, an old friend from 99th Chessmen Daniel Chung taught me a ton of ways to test your line up without burning experience. This is done by testing 1 line at a time vs a strong opponent. You measure the success of each line until all of your lines are maxed out. By the time you finish you will hopefully have new equipment/weapons to add on. (You can do this for unlimited and specialists, think of how many specialists there are. You will never run out lol)

                I think in the end your conclusion should be based on your play style and competitiveness. What is your patience level and how competitive would you like to be? You can be competitive without camping. Writing stories, making comics or dropping a bit of cash can go a long way. I hope this was insightful and I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield, so long.

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