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Archive for August 2019

Wave Challenges By Spike Shepard ID #846030

I used to enjoy wave challenges. Every few days there was a new challenge and it was an ideal time to test formations and tweak line ups. It helped that every time the challenge dropped I could be top of the pile in division 3 or anywhere in division 2 battling against pilots 30 –…

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Faction Wars 3350 Raid For You By Spike Shepard ID #846030

With anticipation we awaited the raid on the Technomancer’s forces. It was a jittery few hours as the raid seemed to be ready to go but every faction leader was unable to get the actual locations for the various raids due to ‘technical issues’. Undeterred, we waited for the signal and when it finally arrived…

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Spike Springer – Episode 1 By Spike Shepard ID #846030

Good morning and welcome to the first episode of Spike Springer. Today we’ll be meeting Jim (I think it’s an alias) who wrote in and asked..’ Dear Spike, my piloting level is over 40 levels higher than most of my opponents but I just can’t beat them!’ Hmmmm, well let’s meet the man of the…

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Faction Wars 3350: The Conclusion By Spike Shepard ID #846030

So, the final battles are over and we’re exactly where we expected ourselves to be ….. Silver Medal. As said previously, any idiot could call the Gold medal winners from a mile away. The issue was that the level differences were obvious and many lower level pilots simply succumbed to the overwhelming levels they faced.…

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Faction Wars 3350 – Part 4 By Spike Shepard ID #846030

After the non-stop madness of Mecha Galaxy’s Birthday Bash we finally got down to the nitty gritty of day one of the Faction War and I, like many of my clan, bulldozed my way in with about a dozen attacks. Seeing that we were not only well head by over 150 wins and that I…

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Legendary Pilots By Spike Shepard ID #846030

 Being unbanned from the pilots/players page (Thanks Kenneth Hicks) was a revelation. I’d been writing blind for a while, blind to the opinions of other pilots in the Mecha Galaxy.  Why was I banned? Well I’m known for being opinionated and maybe I said a few things I shouldn’t have. But, hey that’s me and…

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