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Writers Wanted By Kenneth Hicks ID #846092

Hello there, intrepid pilots. Ken here.

How do you feel about niodes? Pro or Con?
Okay, stupid question, I know.
The real question is, how would you like to earn niodes for doing something that you do for free normally, and that’s voicing your opinion.

Here at The Galaxy Gathering, we’re planning on returning to normal activities, but would like your help.

Want to give your opinion on Game mechanics, events, or politics?
Do it with us and earn those niodes I mentioned earlier.
Have a favorite spec, or have you found a way of taking advantage of certain specs?
Let us know.
Want to give an interview? Something to say about an event, Clan or Game News?
Again, let us know.

Also, if you feel you might have a good series or even want to be a regular contributor for a while, we pay well and will even give you a room at Galaxy Gathering Headquarters (just don’t open the closet after 10pm. It has a nocturnal resident who contributes on occasion.

So get paid for running your mouth online!
That’s the dream of many.

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