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For Peter Mayhew, A Weapon Idea By Kenneth Hicks ID #846092

Chewbacca’s Bow Caster:

Damage: 75
Speed: 105
Fork: 50%
Splash: 10%
No Min Level since Special Events only item

Here I have to give a hat tip to Sten for the weapon idea.

To make it plausible in the minds of the Craftsmen though, hmm…

Well for starters, let’s make it comparable in stats to Leia’s Blaster.
So to start off, it’s got less damage, but more speed then the Blaster, so that’s a nice wash for stats.

The Fork and Splash I thought were a nice effect for a missile weapon as opposed to the damage modifier on the laser.
Plus, since there is no Level limit being as how it’s only available for special events, it give’s younger pilots a chance to experience those damage effects .

All in all I feel this would be a great addition to the Specialty Weapon List.

I’ll be making up more of these in days to come, and will also be taking any ideas from you pilots out there as well.

So if you have an idea for a Specialty Weapon or piece of Equipment, get a hold of me, or the Galaxy Gathering Facebook page.

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