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‘Mecha Building With The Big Boys’ Vortex Equipment Part 4 – Golem Forge By Spike Shepard ID #846030

Welcome back for part 4 where i’m going to take an in depth look at the ‘Golem Forge’ another piece of equipment you’ll find in the mystery vortex and compare it to the best buyable niode equipment out there.

‘Golem Forge’ (100 Tons)

Speed + 10

Fork 5%

2X Damage 9%

Proj. Damage + 6%

Freeze 6%

 Just like the Ghost Focus it’s only for the 100 tonners but damn, this is one sweet piece of equipment for your Engine!

The closest Engine you’re going to find in the 100 Ton category is…

‘Tri-Turbines’ (100 – 105 Tons)

Speed + 12

Trample 3%

3X Damage 3%

Shield (5)

This engine hasn’t long hit the market but it’s one of the few 100 – 105 Ton engines that does not have a vulnerability. It has a slightly better speed than the Golem Forge and will sit nicely on any 100 – 105 ton mech.

 On the other hand the Golem Forge is is a more offensive engine and ideal for a projectile mech. To give you an idea of the offensive power we’ll look at my Projectile Pike where my Golen Forge currently sits.

 I initially used 5 x White Dwarf Fuel Pod…

‘White Dwarf  Fuel Pod’ (100 – 105 Tons)

Speed + 8

Proj. Damage + 5%

Missile Vulnerable 1%

But this only gave me …

Speed +40

Proj Damage +25%

Missile Vulnerability 5%

Not great but I needed the projectile damage. I did look at the Orcus Wheel but the projectile damage was lower and there were more vulnerabilities.

So lets explore what 5 x Golem Forges can do for my Projectile Pike…

Speed + 50

Fork 25%

2X Damage 45%

Proj. Damage + 30%

Freeze 30%

You get the idea here! Also I’m only level 118. I get another engine slot at level 122. So 6 Golem forges will deal some massive damage for me! My 2x Damage will be well over 100%

 As said before, add in a weapon like ……

 ‘Chronysis Rail’

Precision (9)

3x Damage 30%

and your opponent will be decimated before your eyes. With that sweet fork as well you could well be looking at two of your opponents mechs obliterated before your eyes!

 The Vortex is not cheap! yes you’ll usually get 2 weapons and 1 piece of equipment or Mech. On a lucky roll for 3 crates you might just get 2 pieces of equipment. But when you look at how much better they are than the niode options you have to admit that the cost is worth it.

Anyhoo, if this still hasn’t convinced you please look out for Part 4 of my examination of vortex equipment only in the Galaxy Gathering! TTFN!

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