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‘Mecha Building With the Big Boys’ Vortex Equipment Part 3 – Fearsome Aspect By Spike Shepard ID #846030

Welcome back for part 3 where I’m going to take an in depth look at the ‘Fearsome Aspect’, another piece of equipment you’ll find in the mystery vortex and compare it to the best buyable niode equipment out there.

‘Fearsome Aspect’ (75 – 90 Tons)

3X Damage 15%

2X Damage 15%

Freeze 25%

Dodge (8)

Shield (20)

Speed – 2

Overall it’s great for adding damage multipliers and freeze, but lacks dodge and you’ll lose 2 from your speed. The shield (20) is useful for bolstering your mechs defensive capabilities.

 So, what is the best piece of buyable equipment in the chasis department?

‘Krampus Hydraulics’ (70 – 80 Tons , 43 Niodes)

Dodge (18)

Trample 9%

Speed + 2


‘Shielded Sensors’ (80 – 95 Tons, 50 Niodes)

Dodge (16)

Proj. Damage + 5%

Wide Fork Shield 25%

Fork Shield 25%

Shield (12)

 From these 2 comparisions you can see how the 2 buyable chassis clearly outstrip the Fearsome Aspect defensively. Both have double the dodge capabilities and the Shielded Sensors have some sweet shielding especially against secondary attacks.

 So, if your looking for a defensive Chassis the ‘Fearsome Aspect’ is not for you…..

 But if like me you’ve pulled one or more from the Vortex what exactly do you do with them?

For me it was simple! They went on my Antithesis! Why? ..

1) The Antithesis has a built in Dodge (37) at my level of 118. Plus I get another Dodge (10) at level 130. With 6 Chassis slots you can easily equip a few shielded sensors and your dodge is upwards of 120+.

2) If like me you turned your Antithesis into a damage multiplier machine instead of a crit kill machine by equipping ‘Cerebral Sync’s and ‘Damage Assistant’s then your going to have some decent 2x & 3x Damage Multipliers.

‘Cerebral Sync’ (85 – 90 Tons, 53 Niodes)

Precision (9)

2X Damage 4%

3X Damage 5%

Trample 5%


‘Damage Assistant’ (80 – 90 Tons, 50 Niodes)

Fork 5%

Precision (9)

2X Damage 5%

3X Damage 4%

 So by adding in a ‘Fearsome Aspect’ on one Antithesis I’ve come away with these stats….

Speed + 40

Trample 54%

2X Damage 40%

3X Damage 47%

Dodge (105)

You can see that I still have an excellent Dodge and good Speed, but you can also see the damage multipliers and solid trample abilities. Add in a weapon like the …

Jurassic Storm (Niode – Comes equipped on Apatotron)

Damage – 100

Speed – 102

Trample 20%

2X Damage 20%

 And you’re looking at 2x Damage 60% & Trample 74%. SWEET!

Just remember, equipment like the ‘Fearsome Aspect’ may not be defensively strong but offensively (on the right mech) it can make a big difference to your damage dealt.

 The Vortex is not cheap! You’ll usually get 2 weapons and 1 piece of equipment or Mech. On a lucky roll for 3 crates you might just get 2 pieces of equipment. But when you look at how much better they are than the niode options you have to admit that the cost is worth it. Even with a piece of equipment like the ‘Fearsome Aspect’ it’s simply finding the right mech and the right build.

Anyhoo, if this still hasn’t convinced you please look out for Part 3 of my examination of vortex equipment only in the Galaxy Gathering! TTFN!

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