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Mecha Building With The Big Boys: Improving the Mystery Vortex By Spike Shepard ID #846030

You’ve read the handful of reviews I’ve written so far about the Mystery Vortex equipment so far and no doubt you’ve had a dabble in the vortex yourself by now.

 I take a look at the vortex every day and have been disappointed the last few weeks by the chance to win a decent piece of vortex equipment.

Let me show you……….

1) I have a 16% chance of getting a mech

2) I have a 16% chance of getting vortex only equipment

3) I have a 63% chance of getting a weapon

4) I have an 8% chance of getting junk (this is what I call buyable niode equipment)

in total thats a 103% chance out of 100?!?! and 71% of that is JUNK!

 The only reason to dip into the vortex for me is the vortex only equipment, it’s all I ever look at. Mechs are nice but they are stripped of their weapons and sold. The rest of the vortex is simply filler and not worth the hard earned niodes.

 So when the vortex is hardwired (just like it is above) you’ll find that I’m not spending a penny because I have a massive 71% chance of getting JUNK (to put it politely).

 So, rather than just waiting and whining I’m putting forward a few improvements that need to be made to the Mystery Vortex…

1) No Junk (buyable equipment & weapons)

This is paramount to my revamp of the vortex! Kick out the filler and make the vortex all killer. I’d happily pay a higher price to avoid the junk that I can buy normally and cheaper during sales. Make more level relevant vortex only equipment available and boost the odds! A 16% chance is laughable. It should never fall below 20% NEVER!

Boost the single crate to 65 Niodes! Boost the triple crate bundle to 180 Niodes if you have to! Just stop loading the mystery vortex with buyable junk. Take away that 8% of junk, replace it with vortex only equipment, and you’re giving 24% chance of Vortex only equipment.

2) Keep the mechs, they’re nice but add in unbuyable mechs like the Guardian, Cavailier, Redeemer and the Warden. You want pilots to spend niodes! Give them something they can only get in the vortex. You could even add in some of the raid only mechs to sweeten the pot. That would get pilots buying! I mean, who doesn’t want the Og-Ant to name one such raid only mech.

3) Ok, I know you have to put weapons into vortex to fill it out. I’m not against weapons being in the vortex. Why not put in vortex only weapons. There’s lots of weapons out there that you just can’t buy. So why not put these into the vortex. At least when you get a weapon you’ve got something you can’t buy so the buyer doesn’t feel hard done by.

 Another option is to improve the weapons in the vortex with a little boost to make them special. Look at the current clan war boosts to weapons. Carry this over to the vortex weapons given. Add in +10 Damage and + 5 to Speed. It’s just an example but at least you’re making that weapon a vortex weapon.

 Hell, do both! Why not!

 Anyhoo! It’s just a few ideas and suggestions to improve the vortex. But for now it’s time for me to write my next Vortex Equipment piece. So stay tuned to the Galaxy Gathering, the only place you’ll find Myself and my column Mecha Building With The Big Boys! TTFN!

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