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Archive for April 2019

Family Values by David McCallum ID #701548

It doesn’t matter if you are talking about family, a group of friends, clan, company, country, planet or Empire, sooner or later you run into a tradition. The longer that the entity in question has been around, the greater the chances. Take my clan. Last time I checked, we were one of the oldest in…

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Pleasure and Pain by David McCallum ID #701548

You are probably thinking that since this war we have mandatory cruiser formations that I’m going to be banging on about them for the next five minutes. You are, in fact, entirely incorrect. What I’m going to talk about is responsibility. It just so happens that it coincides with this war, because while it is…

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New Love For The Orester By Kenneth Hicks ID #846092

Since the Dawn of MechaGalaxy time, there have been been few things that are taken as absolute. Chef plays with Clan Wars formulas, the Lottery cheats, and the Orester is the saddest thing on two pneumatic legs. Now let me say, James Waddington has been telling me for years that if properly geared, an Orester…

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