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Archive for February 2019

An Interview With Robert Goetz Sr. By Kenneth Hicks ID #846092

Hello friends and neighbors and welcome to a surprise post Clan War 3344 interview. Today’s guest is none other then the founder of the AFF Alliance, Mr. Robert “Bob” Goetz Sr. Bob: Glad to be here Ken So Bob, let me just say congratulations on a fantastic Clan War this year! Division One Silver with…

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ClanWars 3344 Round 2 By Kenneth Hicks ID #846092

Welcome back everyone to Round 2 of Clan Wars 3344 and boy, what a fun Round this was! Off the bat in Division 1, Death’s Collectors gave Warlock a run for their niodes. The AFF held the lead in the fight for quite a bit, then Warlock offenses woke up and outpaced the Collectors with…

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ClanWars 3344 Round 1 By Kenneth Hicks ID #846092

Hello fellow Pilots and welcome to the end of Clan Wars 3344, Round One! In Division One and Two, no real surprises so far, other then a couple of Clan Strength changes that switched up some positions. In One we have Warlock beating Leviathan routinely then you have fight Two.In fight Two we have Death’s…

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Schrodinger’s Cat – Pilot Story by David McCallum #701548

They say you are either a cat or a dog person. I know which one I am; if I wanted a mindless sycophant I’d either hire a cheer-leading squad or bribe a politician. Knowing my preference doesn’t help with the fallout from missions in an alternate universe. Yeah, the pay is brilliant for a short…

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