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Archive for January 2019

KotM Rush, June 3343 By Sébastien Roussel-Konan‎ ID #961394

click click…attack, click, click… click… KotM end window, T minus Zero seconds. click, click… click… Robot Probe. Get out of my way robot. Forgive my rage robot, here let me show you what bicycles are… click, click and click. KotM ending soooooooon, T plus 26 Minutes KotM victory, missiles received. Thank you very much. Also……

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Learning Curve by David McCallum ID #701548

OK, break out your crayons and lets go back to kindergarten… I had to. I’ve been away from regular duty for a little while, active only over in the latest parallel universe that we have discovered/constructed/conjured up due to our own foul ups with messing about with Chroniode tech. Unless we are the alternate, in…

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