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Archive for December 2018

Multiverse Mech Trader, May 3342 By Sébastien Roussel-Konan ID #961394

Surprise, surprise, some 75 tonners have arrived. Will one of the two be right for you? Perhaps both? Only one way to fight out, Upgrade your shiny tonnage with a brand new addition today! (requires a level 30 heavy pilot skill and a commander level minimum of 48-49, weapons included, equipment sold separately, no purchase…

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All We Want For Christmas By Kenneth Hicks ID #846092

Dear Evil Santa, Due to the Nature of The Craftsmen and their evil flunky Cogsmith, the Main Verse has been deprived this year of one of the most cherished after cockpits for the 105 ton Mechs, the Santaspex. Those of us that got some of these beauties last year have stuffed them into every Revenant,…

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