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Archive for July 2018

Multiverse Clan Wars: Do’s and Don’ts By Brian D. Wise ID #17026

It’s pregame time for everyone, Clans are preparing to lock down for the Second and final Clan War. For those of you who have a rough time with Clan Wars and really hate the idea of receiving what we call plastic or the “thank you for being everyone’s punching bag” participation prize (sadly unlike in…

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Bragging Rights: 80 Ton Mechs And Up By Brian D. Wise ID #17026

Spending a small fortune in Multiverse just because you can, well do I have the mechs and gear for you. With what little time left your unfortunately going to have to dump not just that +20 levels from Yomi you have been saving back plus your kidney and that guy’s spleen as well. Nick has…

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Gearing up in the Multiverse: Part 1 By Brian D. Wise ID #17026

Ok, as we have a few weeks left it’s time we go over the multiverses best feature, the gear. Unlike the mainverse, gear in this verse is heavily improved upon. In particular early on dodge and at higher tonnage precision builds. I figure it’s about time we go over the gear that I have found…

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