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Archive for June 2018

Formation of a clan: Behemoth by Bryan Beasley #922352

(Edited by Richard Millich #291875) As we gathered in the command center to get ready for Faction Wars 3329, we had just finalized our temporary alliance with Black Star, and their pilots began to unload their war gear and work gangs. The hustle and bustle in the hangar reminded me of the last day of…

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Nothing To Report By Richard Millich Pilot’s ID #291875

Contains lore on: Mercenary Road, Mecha piloting rates, General Nova (maybe) My callsign is Skynote. Why the callsign? I used to be an aerospace fighter. A flyboy with jets strapped to my butt, an emblem on my helmet, and rock and roll in my ears. Professional bomb dropper and missile launcher. Glory hound. That’s what…

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