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Transcending… by David McCallum #701548

I cannot see.
I am alone and afraid.
My body is swaddled in skin tight wrapping, trapped and immobile. My casket jolts as it is lowered
into its final resting place.
Faintly I can hear an intonation, the voice must be so loud to be heard from within my confines
yet I cannot make out the words.
Panic is rising, my world consists of darkness, the faint words and the hammer of my heart, the
stink of hot sweat reaching my nostrils.
An eternity of darkness….
Bright searing lights behind my eyeballs, lids tight shut, I scream but no sound comes forth.
My skull is on fire, molten lead seeping forward from the back of my head.
I blink and awareness washes over me.
I see again, my vantage point high in the rafters of this cathedral.
No, this is where my head is, my feet such a long way down.
I view the tiny beings scurrying around my ankles.
I flex my muscles and my limbs move stiffly yet freely. I bring a hand to my face, marveling at
how my fingers curl, clench and straighten.
I take a faltering step forward and crane my neck to look around.
My body new and strange yet familiar, sensation returning from a distance as if a dam has burst.
I am Colossus!
Lesser beings scamper to make way for me.
I walk from the apse and into the main hall, its immense columns and leviathan statues standing
in mute salute of their new God.
The world trembles at each footfall, legs mightier than ancient oak striding out, my body
immense and powerful, arms that can bear a burden greater than Atlas himself could.
Raw power flickers at my fingertips, a sun churning inside my stomach.
I free myself from the confines of this puny building and gaze out over my domain.
I am Mars, Nike and Nemesis combined!
None can stand before my will!
I am Lord of all Things, and all things shall bow before me or flee from my wrath!
I can topple mountains for sport, end civilizations for my amusement!
+    +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +
Lieutenant Mack to Control, I need a medivac and recovery team out to the practice field, stat!
<What’s happened Mac?>
Um, I was test driving the new Charon and uh… look, I think I might have stood on one of the
new trainees…
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