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‘Mecha Building With the Big Boys’ Part 13 – The Regis by Spike Shepard #846030

There’s a good reason that you’ll never face Droca’h In any other mech that his Regis! They really do kick ass!

Built correctly, the Regis weighs in with the highest Crit Kill Ratio of any Mech out there. You can get some of the way there with Niode equipment and weapons but ultimately you’ll need a fair bit of luck and one item of equipment available in your vortex to make your Regis a mech killer.

Lets explore the Regis below…

The Regis…

Ferrite: 18000
Bioptics: 16000
Niodes: 135
Minimum Level: 79
Minimum Heavy/Piloting Skill: 45
Tonnage: 90

At my current Level (110) I have these Mech Bonuses: (Without Equipment)

Laser Damage + 54%
Speed – 26
3X Damage 10%
Crit-Kill 10%
Speed + 28
Fork 20%
Trample Shield 40%
Laser Shield 25%
Trample 10%
Auto Repair (5)
Precision (5)
Proj. Damage + 15%
Wide Fork 8%
2X Damage 10%
Dodge (2)

I also have these equipment slots…

6 x Cockpit
6 x Chassis
5 x Engine
4 x Shields

As well as 40 slots to equip weapons.

First of all you’ll see I’ve underlined the Crit Kill of 10%. This tells me exactly where I want to take my Regis. So few mechs have a built in Crit Kill ability and to have this in double figures! I’m not complaining and I’m going to tell you want you need to make the most of this ability with your Regis.


First lets cover cockpit slots…

With 6 cockpit slots I was looking to boost my Crit Kill Ability. My regular readers know I’m an avid promoter of Crit Kill ability in a mech. Damage is sweet and works for mechs like the Fext, etc, but here Crit Kill is your bestie!

The thing was how to do this? There are several Crit Kill options out there for 90 Tonners and I had to sort through them for the best option. I first looked at I.C.E. Targetting, 2% Crit Kill and some nice secondaries here like Freeze and Fork but the Precision was way to low at only (5). I then looked at the M-Hole with a Crit Kill of 3% with built in Slow and Freeze. Nice, but again the precision of (6) was way too low. My Regis has a built in precision of only (5) So having a massive crit kill but a precision below 50% was not what I was looking for!

I looked at the Firecracker A.I. but there was little else apart from the 2% Crit Kill and 2x Damage that was of any use. I would have been swayed by the Psychic Enhancer as the 4% Crit Kill was sweet but 6 of these would only leave me with a precision of (53) and I’d have a -36 to speed. Yeah, I’d likely never get a chance to hit my opponent being so slow.

That left me with only one option….

‘Haptic Interface’ (Niode)
Precision (13)
Crit-Kill 2%
Trample 3%

With 6 Haptics I was looking at…

Precision (78)
Crit Kill 12%
Trample 18%

This was exactly where I wanted to go. My Crit Kill was now boosted to 22% and my Precision to (83). The trample boost to 28% is a nice add-on for secondary damage but nothing more than that. If you have a high Crit Kill ability you want to make sure that you’re hitting your opponent. In fact, you want to be hitting your opponent full stop. If your precision on any mech is below 60 then you really need to think again and push it above that 60 mark.


Onto the Chassis …

I won’t even go into the crystal options and how generally crappy they are, Trilerian Sprockets are the best but 6 of these will leave you with a 30% Laser Vulnerability so there were only 2 pieces of niode equipment I considered for my Regis.

‘Muon Junction’ x 5
Fork 6%
Dodge (10)
Freeze 6%


‘Torsion Helix’ x 1
Dodge (19)
Precision (1)
Missile Vulnerable 13%
Laser Vulnerable 2%

Nothing special here in my choices. I wanted a solid dodge ability and I wanted to add on some secondary abilities.

The above gives me

Fork 30%
Dodge (69)
Freeze 30%
Precision (1)
Missile Vulnerable 13%
Laser Vulnerable 2%

Firstly with the dodge of (2) built in my dodge goes up to (71) A dodge above 70 is where I’m always aiming to be as it’s better to just simply not be hit. On top of that my fork goes up to 50% and I add in a 30% freeze which is always nice. I’ll never complain about another point of precision either. As for the vulnerabilities, well, it’s an acceptable trade to get my dodge over 70.

The one thing that frustrates me here though is the lack of crit kill ability on the chassis equipment. Even at my level the vortex sucks and won’t give me the one piece of equipment I crave for my Regis.

‘Spikes’ Vortex Only!!!!!!!!

Dodge (18)
Trample Shield 35%
Wide Fork Shield 40%
Fork Shield 35%

I got these stats from a clan-mate and I check the vortex every few days in the hope that they are there but the Vortex hates me!!! Or do I blame Chef? Why? I’ve underlined the Crit Kill Ability of 3% you numpty. That’s why. I’d equip 6 of these in my Regis if I had them. then my stats would be…

Dodge (108)
Trample Shield 100% ish
Wide Fork Shield 100% ish
Fork Shield 100% ish

OMFG! a massive dodge of over 100 with almost a full immunity to Trample, fork and Wide fork. Who wouldn’t want that?

But oh, so much more….. Another 18% to my Crit Kill ability! This would take my Crit Kill ability on my Regis to 40%!!!
Anybody selling any Spikes?

Onto The Engine…

5 Engine slots give me a lot of room to maneuver. BUT, there’s not much out there that is of genuine use for my build. The…

‘Dark Matter Converter’
Speed + 5
Auto Repair (3)
Fire Vulnerable 4%
3X Damage 3%


‘Reverse Rotary’
Speed + 8
Fork 6%
3X Damage 3%
Missile Vulnerable 3%

Were the best engines out there Niode wise but here it’s a MEH! If you’re running a Laser specialist like the Regis then the engines are poor. Even Crystal wise your best effort is …

‘Lantern Engine’

Speed + 7
2X Damage 5%
Missile Vulnerable 3%

So here, for one of my very rare occasions I went through my equipment hanger and just dumped in whatever I had lying around which happened to be Two Dark Matter Converters and Three Lantern Engines.

This gives me…

Speed + 21
Auto Repair (6)
Fire Vulnerable 8%
3X Damage 6%
2X Damage 15%
Missile Vulnerable 9%

Yes, it’s a mixed bundle of positives and negatives. Yes I could just buy 5 R.A.C.E. engines and slap 50 onto my speed but I didn’t want to blow 250+ Niodes. I may at some point upgrade my Lanterns to Reverse Rotaries but the 150+ niodes to do this don’t warrant the the +3 speed gain or 18% fork or the trade of double damage to triple damage. I have more important stuff that I need noides for like my final shield slot on my Anubis that’s upgrading nicely and my second Notos that is also stating to come into it’s own.

Shielding Slots…

Here I’m not repeating myself anymore crystal shielding is RUBBISH! So, niode shielding as usual here!
I only have 4 slots but I do have a built in trample shied and laser shield so decided upon…

Caudata Delta
Fire Shield 38%
Proj. Vulnerable 9%
Shield (29)

Thiokol Delta
Missile Shield 38%
Ice Vulnerable 9%
Shield (29)

Savu Delta
Splash Shield 37%
Wide Fork Shield 26%
Proj. Shield 22%
Laser Vulnerable 7%
Shield (24)

Algid Delta
Wide Fork Shield 37%
Fork Shield 26%
Ice Shield 22%
Fire Vulnerable 7%
Shield (24)

With the 4 shield slots I was able to just about cover every type of attack Laser, Missile, Projectile, Ice, Fire, Splash, Trample, Fork and Wide Fork are covered! Plus I get shield of (106).

So, as usual, lets now explore crystal shielding v niode shielding on the Regis at my current build and say the weapon you’re hit with is a laser and this laser hits for 200 damage.

If you’re all crystal shielding your best is a 15% (ish) Laser shield if you buy one of each type of crystal shield to cover the other 4 vulnerabilities. That means, as far as I understand it… 200 damage – 30 (15% Laser Shield) leaves 170 Damage. So a dozen or so of these little hits and you’re toast.

But if you’re using Niode shielding like the shielding that I currently have above then … 200 damage – 32 (16% Laser Shield) leaves 168 Damage. Almost exactly the same as the crystal shielding. But then you take off the niode shielding of (106) and you only take 62 damage which is a third of what you would take with the crystal shielding.
Further to this crystal shielding does not give the shielding v Fork, Wide Fork, Splash. If you want to be a top pilot you need to protect you Mechs properly!

So, if you’re charging into battle with crystal shielding on ANY mech you seriously need to think again because if you’re up against a pilot and all he has over you is niode shielding to your crystal shielding then my money will always be on them.


So… You now know the equipment I have is …

6 x Haptic Interface
5 x Muon Junction & 1 x Torsion Helix
3 x Reverse Rotary & 2 x Dark Matter Converter
1 each of x Caudata Delta, Savu Delta, Thiokol Delta, Algid Delta

Which CURRENTLY gives me statistics of …

Laser Damage + 54%
Proj. Damage + 15%
Speed + 33
Wide Fork 8%
2X Damage 25%
Fork 50%
Trample 28%
3X Damage 16%
Crit-Kill 22%
Freeze 30%
Dodge (71)
Precision (84)
Auto Repair (11)
Shield (106)
Fork Shield 26%
Splash Shield 37%
Trample Shield 40%
Wide Fork Shield 53%
Fire Shield 23%
Ice Shield 13%
Proj. Shield 13%
Missile Shield 16%
Laser Shield 16%

Some solid stats here with a precision of (84) and a dodge of (71). A defense against all attack types too. A massive auto repair of (11) is always nice for keeping my Regis in the battle too.


My bonus is + 54% Laser damage so choose weapons that use this and enhance other statistics if possible. Also remember I’ve built my Regis as a Crit Kill mech so always look to boost this stat if possible. The good thing is that there are an abundance of Laser Weapons and most of the Niode options available carry a Crit Kill %. Here are some examples from the weapons I use.

Cherenkov Ray – Laser (Niode Weapon)
Damage -115
Speed -102
Crit Kill 19%

Blue Dragon – Laser (Niode Weapon)
Damage -125
Speed -104
Crit Kill 19%

I’m just going to sum these two weapons up in one…Crit Kill!!! that 19% Crit Kill gives me an overall 41% Chance of taking your mech out of the battle with one hit. Yes the damage is nice but here it’s not about the damage! It’s about that precision shot that leaves you of about as much use as a traffic cone!

It’s not just these though, there are an abundance of top quality Niode laser weapons to fit on your Regis. Some examples are ….Arch Fiend (19% Crit Kill), Rage Pulsar (18% Crit Kill), Black Widow (17% Crit Kill), Flavian Spear (15% Crit Kill). You see where I’m taking you with this!

Also remember…If your lucky enough to have ‘SPIKES’ slam them into your chassis slots! If I had 6 x ‘SPIKES’ in my chassis slots I’d be adding another 18% to my Crit Kill giving my Regis a Crit Kill of 59%!!! That’s more than a 1 in 2 chance that your hit is a Crit Kill. It’s almost a 2 in 3 Chance.

Also at Level 154 you get another Cockpit Slot!!! Damn! Whack in another Haptic Interface and you now have a 61% Chance of Crit Kill and a Precision of (97). If you’re a pilot of level 154 or higher than what are you waiting for!

The moral of the story once again is to pick a weapon that uses your mechs damage bonuses and boosts your mechs stats. If the weapon fits…equip it!

Once again, it’s time to sign off but please look out for my next article which will cover what most pilots consider the second best mech in the galaxy after the Boreas.. the Notos. Until next time…


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