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‘Mecha Building With the Big Boys’ Part 12 – The Boreas by Spike Shepard #84603

Finally I get a day-off in between my security shifts so that I can finally finish my Boreas Build. Yes, it’s another 95 Tonner…just like the Cameron but this beast has been around a while now and for most pilots it’s the best mech ton for ton out there.

With the right build you can achieve massive Ice Damage plus a high Crit Kill ability, add in freeze, slow and other built in bonuses and you have by far the best Ice Mech in the Galaxy. With this build I have won Point Mech Panic and Front Line fight Golds with this mech as my point mech.

Lets explore the Boreas below…

The Boreas…

Ferrite: 17400
Bioptics: 14200
Niodes: 140
Minimum Level: 82
Minimum Heavy/Piloting Skill: 50
Tonnage: 95

At my level of 110 this gives me in-built stats of…

Ice Damage + 100%
Speed – 24
Speed + 24
Precision (51)
3X Damage 18%
Slow (20)
Trample Shield 50%
Splash Shield 25%
Laser Shield 40%
Wide Fork 4%

Plus I have the following slots:

6 Cockpit Slots, 6 Chassis Slots, 6 Engine Slots and 5 Shield Slots.

Cockpit Slots

With six cockpit slots and a built in precision of 51 you’re looking at a mech with amazing accuracy. This gives you so much room to maneuver that you can focus on boosting other stats rather than having to worry about boosting your precision with cockpit slots like you have to with every other mech.

My Choices here are…

Precision (6)
Slow (10)
Crit-Kill 3%
Freeze 11%


Haptic Interface
Precision (13)
Crit-Kill 2%
Trample 3%

Originally both of my Boreas had 5 x M-Hole and 1 x Haptic Interface. But recently I won another M-Hole (raid I think) So now 1 of my Boreas has 6 x M-Hole. There’s not a massive difference for that one cockpit but If I win another M-Hole along the way both Boreas will have 6 M-Hole cockpits. For this build though we’ll concentrate on my Main Boreas – Bore Da for this build.

P.S. If any of you are wondering why my primary Boreas is Called ‘Bore Da’ then it’s time for a language lesson. ‘Bore Da’ is Welsh, translated to English it means ‘Good Morning’. Why call my Mech ‘Good Morning’? Well, firstly it’s a play on the mechs name ‘Boreas’. Secondly for 11 months of the year Wales is bloody freezing in the mornings…so, if you meet Bore Da on the battlefield it’s definitely going to be a very cold morning with a good chance of frost!

Anyhoo… My 6 cockpits in Bore Da give me…

Precision (43)
Slow (50)
Crit-Kill 17%
Freeze 55%
Trample 3%

Giving me a solid precision of (94) with a Crit Kill of 17%. Some nice add ons to freeze and slow give my Boreas not only the first hit but also the next few.

Chassis Slots

With my 6 Chassis slots I have a few options in the 95 Ton range. As I wanted something to not only give a good dodge but also something to boost the in-built stats I went for…

Muon Junction
Fork 6%
Dodge (10)
Freeze 6%

This gives me…
Fork 36%
Dodge (60)
Freeze 36%

A solid dodge of 60! Plus I’ve added fork of 36% and boosted my freeze to 91%. Of course, on my other Boreas my freeze at this point is 104%. This means that if my first hit doesn’t Crit Kill them they are not only slowed but also frozen. With the fork damage the damage now also has the chance to hit another mech.

Engine Slots

Modular Fuel Lines x 1
Auto Repair (3)
Fire Shield 10%
Fire Damage + 5%
Ice Vulnerable 8%
2X Damage 11%


Cold Fusion x 2
Speed + 7
Ice Damage + 10%
Freeze 6%
Fire Vulnerable 3%
Missile Vulnerable 4%


Reverse Rotary x 3
Speed + 8
Fork 6%
3X Damage 3%
Missile Vulnerable 3%

This is where my disappointment comes in. You’re paying niodes and getting littered with vulnerabilities. Yes, the niode equipment is better but it still has issues. Equipping this NIODE equipment left me with…

Ice Vulnerability 8%
Fire Vulnerability 6%
Missile Vulnerability 17%
Which isn’t great, add in the % vulnerability from shielding and negating your missile shield.
My ideal Engine which is Vortex only and still not available in the vortex at level 110 is….

Frost Reactor
Speed + 9
Auto Repair (3)
Laser Damage + 8%
Ice Damage + 10%

But hell, still not available in the vortex BUT I could still get an Overcrank Engine! Please!

Anyhoo, The pluses do outweigh the minuses and I do add to my Freeze taking it to 100%+ and I also get another 18% fork…..and the speed isn’t too bad either.

What I wouldn’t give for 6 x Frost Reactors Though…

Shield Slots

It’s easy here, niode all the way! Crystal are Rubbish and I tell you this on EVERY build! But the question is … which niode shields? With 5 slots, and a fair few vulnerabilities from the equipment you have to choose wisely. So, what did I go with?

Algid Epsilon
Wide Fork Shield 36%
Fork Shield 25%
Ice Shield 21%
Fire Vulnerable 7%
Shield (34)

MNTN Delta
Proj. Shield 38%
Laser Vulnerable 9%
Shield (29)

Caudata Delta
Fire Shield 38%
Proj. Vulnerable 9%
Shield (29)

Thiokol Delta
Missile Shield 38%
Ice Vulnerable 9%
Shield (29)

Glacies Epsilon
Ice Shield 23%
Laser Shield 11%
Fire Vulnerable 8%
Shield (39)

Yes, they are not the best shields available and upgrading the Deltas to Epsiloms would add another 40 ish points to my shielding. But upgrading to newer shielding is expensive and I currently don’t have the 150 niodes needed to do this (300+ niodes of I add in my other Boreas) So for now this will have to wait but both my Boreas do have Niode shielding so it’s not that bad!

Overall I get shielding against all elements and with the built in stats I have all the splash, trample, fork and wide fork covered. Plus they give me a shield of (160).

So, as usual, lets now explore crystal shielding v niode shielding on the Antithesis at my current build and say the weapon you’re hit with is a laser and this laser hits for 200 damage.

If you’re all crystal shielding your best is around a 50% Laser shield if you buy one of each type of crystal shield. That means, as far as I understand it… 200 damage – 100 (50% Laser Shield) leaves 100 Damage. So 12-15 or so of these little hits and you’re toast.

But if you’re using Niode shielding like the shielding that I currently have above then … 200 damage – 82 (41% Laser Shield) leaves 118 Damage. But then you take off the niode shielding of (160) you take ZERO damage! I’d need to be hit with at least 300 damage…300 – 123 = 177 Damage so here i’d only take 17 Damage! When I finally boost my shields to Epsiloms you’ll need a hit of 400+ damage to even make a mark on my Boreas.

So, if you’re charging into battle with crystal shielding on ANY mech you seriously need to think again because if you’re up against a pilot and all he has over you is niode shielding to your crystal shielding then my money will always be on them.

So, this gives me the overall stats of…

Fire Damage + 5%
Ice Damage + 120%
Speed + 38
Wide Fork 4%
Trample 3%
2X Damage 11%
3X Damage 27%
Fork 54%
Crit-Kill 17%
Freeze 103%
Dodge (60)
Precision (94)
Slow (70)
Auto Repair (3)
Shield (160)
Wide Fork Shield 36%
Fork Shield 25%
Trample Shield 50%
Splash Shield 25%
Proj. Shield 29%
Ice Shield 26%
Fire Shield 23%
Laser Shield 41%
Missile Shield 21%

Overall I’ve given you a solid build with high damage and crit kill. Plus not only do you freeze your opponent with every hit, you also slow them to a crawl. The only plans I have left for my Boreas are to boost the shielding to Epsilom and to buy Epsilom shields that also add further to wide fork, fork and splash. That and the miracle of a frost reactor or 6 and I’m more than happy with my Boreas.

One final question…What weapons have I put on my Boreas to make the most of this build.

Here it’s simple. You have a bonus to Ice damage of +120 so your weapon load out should compliment this. So choose weapons that use this and enhances other statistics. Here are some examples from the weapons I use.

Kraken – Ice (Niode Weapon)
Damage -150
Speed -104
Crit Kill 19%

It’s a beauty of a weapon and made for the Boreas! Massive Damage and with a crit kill of 19% your Boreas has a 36% chance of a Crit Kill but if this doesn’t happen you’re looking at a big hit anyway.

Blackout Wave – Ice (Niode Weapon) Guardian, Pike and Special Event Only
Damage – 137
Speed – 105
Freeze – 37%
Fork – 27%

With high damage, good speed and an even bigger boost to freeze (as of you need it) This weapon is all about damaging you and freezing you in place. Add in the fork to your fork of 54% and you have an 81% Chance that the wave takes out the mech next to the one you’re hitting.


Something I do have to say is that this build is Ice all the way, so if you are building your first Boreas, now is the time to redo your weapons. You want the best Ice on this baby, so go and remove them from your other mechs and use that new Auto-equip function we have to get the best ice weapons you can on this thing.

You get the idea by now!

Anyway, It’s time for me to go so please keep a look out for my next Build – The Regis, where I will show you how to make your Regis the most devastating Crit Kill Mech out there!


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