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‘Mecha Building With the Big Boys’ Part 11 – The Ignis by Spike Shepard #846030



Today I’m going to cover another former front-line mech that’s found it’s way a little further back in my line up due to a shielding revamp… The Ignis

Lets explore the Ignis below…

The Ignis…

Ferrite: 16000
Bioptics: 13500
Niodes: 135
Minimum Level: 75
Minimum Heavy/Piloting Skill: 45
Tonnage: 90

At my current Level (109) I have these Mech Bonuses: (Without Equipment)
Fire Damage + 98%
Dodge (27)
Speed – 28
Fork 15%
Speed + 52
2X Damage 10%
Fire Shield (25)
Laser Shield (25)
Proj. Shield (10)
Crit-Kill 4%

I also have these equipment slots…
5 x Cockpit
5 x Chassis
5 x Engine
5 x Shields
As well as 39 slots to equip weapons.

I usually don’t comment so early BUT with a built in Fire Damage of 98% and a 15% fork this Dino-Mech is built to deal damage! Add in the speed of +24 and and dodge of (27) before any equipment is added and you’re looking at one of the best mechs in the Galaxy next to the Antithesis!

First lets cover cockpit slots…

With 5 cockpit slots I swung so many ways! I couldn’t decide whether I wanted Crit Kill with fire damage OR out and out damage boosts to 2x, 3x and Fork. So I made a decision as the only cockpit giving me the second option at the time was the Cerebral Sync. My first Ignis (Ig-nite) Was going to be all about the fire damage and Crit Kill. Here’s what I equipped…

‘Haptic Interface’ (Niode)
Precision (13)
Crit-Kill 2%
Trample 3%


‘Firecracker A.I.’ (Niode)
Precision (8)
Fire Damage + 5%
2X Damage 5%
Crit-Kill 2%

With 3 Haptics and 2 Firecrackers I get.
Precision (55)
Crit Kill 10%
Fire Damage 10%
2x Damage 10%
Trample 9%

Not too bad a loadout TBH. I’ve had this from day 1 of my Ignis and am sticking with it. Mind you though I still really want to try the one below and will the moment I get hold of a second Ignis.
The plan is to load up 5x…

‘Damage Assistant’
Fork 5%
Precision (9)
2X Damage 5%
3X Damage 4%

Giving my second Ignis

Fork 25%
Precision (45)
2x Damage 25%
3x Damage 20%

Yes, there’s a distinct drop in precision from 55 to 45 but the damage multipliers and fork look sweet! Anyhoo, that’s the plan for Iggy No.2. So lets continue with Iggy No.1

Onto the Chassis …

I won’t even go into the crystal options and how generally crappy they are. There were only 2 pieces of equipment I even considered.

‘Muon Junction’
Fork 6%
Dodge (10)
Freeze 6%

Here my considerations were the fork and the freeze BUT with me only having a precision of 55 I needed a precision boost somewhere and Midori’s boots gave this to me.

‘Midori’s Boots’
Dodge (11)
Precision (4)
Proj. Vulnerable 2%
Laser Damage + 4%
Fire Damage + 8%

Ok…so, there’s the projectile vulnerability of 2% and the Laser Damage is of no use but 5 of these babies give me …

Precision (20) Taking my precision to a solid (75)

Dodge (55) Taking my dodge to a massive (82)

Fire Damage + 40% Boosting my Fire Damage to + 138%

So I have a Projectile Vulnerability of 10%…With a dodge of 82 they need to hit me first! Not only that the Precision addition of (20) was just what I needed! As for the Fire Damage, well, my fire damage is now a massive +138!

Onto The Engine…

5 Engine slots gave me some room for movement. Plus I already have a speed of +24. I considered a …

‘Dark Matter Converter’
Speed + 5
Auto Repair (3)
Fire Vulnerable 4%
3X Damage 3%

with 4 …
‘Reverse Rotary’
Speed + 8
Fork 6%
3X Damage 3%
Missile Vulnerable 3%

The 4 Reverse Rotary looked great BUT I wasn’t sold on a Dark Matter Converter. I didn’t need the extra +5 speed as with the 4 reverse rotary my speed was now +56. All I needed was the auto repair. While dithering away on the options I clicked on my Engine options in my hanger and found a …

‘Modular Fuel Line’
Auto Repair (3)
Fire Shield 10%
Fire Damage + 5%
Ice Vulnerable 8%
2X Damage 11%

It lacked the speed (that I didn’t need anyway) but boasted Fire Damage and 2x Damage as well as auto repair! The 10% fire shield was also useful.

So 4x Reverse Rotary & 1x Modular Fuel Line gave me…

Speed +32
Fork 24%
2x Damage 11%
3x Damage 9%
Fire Damage 5%
Fire Shield 10%

OK, I get a 12% Missile Vulnerability and 8% Ice Vulnerability, add that to my 10% Projectile Vulnerability from my Chassis equipment and I was looking vulnerable (pardon the pun!). But, That’s a shielding issue and with 5 shield slots I was sure I could cover all my vulnerabilities and more.

Shielding Slots…

Here I’m not repeating myself anymore crystal shielding is RUBBISH! So, niode shielding as usual here!
I have 5 slots and decided upon…

Burlimoq Delta
Splash Shield 37%
Trample Shield 26%
Missile Shield 22%
Ice Vulnerable 7%
Shield (24)

Savu Delta
Splash Shield 37%
Wide Fork Shield 26%
Proj. Shield 22%
Laser Vulnerable 7%
Shield (24)

Corusca Delta
Fork Shield 37%
Splash Shield 26%
Laser Shield 22%
Missile Vulnerable 7%
Shield (24)

Fulgar Delta
Trample Shield 37%
Wide Fork Shield 26%
Fire Shield 22%
Proj. Vulnerable 7%
Shield (24)

Algid Delta
Wide Fork Shield 37%
Fork Shield 26%
Ice Shield 22%
Fire Vulnerable 7%
Shield (24)

With 5 shield slots I was able to cover every type of attack with my purchases in the recent equipment sale – Laser, Missile, Projectile, Ice, Fire, Splash, Trample, Fork and Wide Fork are covered! Plus I get shield of (120). All vulnerabilities are covered to.

So, as usual, lets now explore crystal shielding v niode shielding on the Antithesis at my current build and say the weapon you’re hit with is a laser and this laser hits for 200 damage.

If you’re all crystal shielding your best is a 15% Laser shield if you buy one of each type of crystal shield. That means, as far as I understand it… 200 damage – 30 (15% Laser Shield) leaves 170 Damage. Minus the built in (25) Laser Shield and you’re taking 145 Damage. So 10 or so of these little hits and you’re toast.

But if you’re using Niode shielding like the shielding that I currently have above then … 200 damage – 30 (15% Laser Shield) leaves 170 Damage. Minus the built in (25) Laser Shield leaves you with 145 Damage. Exactly the same as the crystal shielding. But then you take off the niode shielding of (120) and you only take 25 damage, barely a scratch!
So, if you’re charging into battle with crystal shielding on ANY mech you seriously need to think again because if you’re up against a pilot and all he has over you is niode shielding to your crystal shielding then my money will always be on them.


So… You now know the equipment I have is …

3 x Haptic Interface & 2 x Firecracker A.I.
5 x Midori’s Boots
4 x Reverse Rotary & 1 x Modular Fuel Line
1 each of x Burlimoq Delta, Savu Delta, Corusca Delta, Fulgar Delta, Algid Delta

Which CURRENTLY gives me statistics of …

Fire Damage + 153%
Laser Damage + 20%
Speed + 56
Fork 39%
Trample 9%
2X Damage 31%
3X Damage 12%
Crit-Kill 14%
Precision (75)
Dodge (82)
Auto Repair (3)
Shield (120)
Trample Shield 53%
Fork Shield 53%
Wide Fork Shield 65%
Splash Shield 70%
Fire Shield 24%
Ice Shield 7%
Laser Shield 15%
Proj. Shield 5%
Missile Shield 3%
Fire Shield (25)
Laser Shield (25)
Proj. Shield (10)

Plus at my next Level of 110 i’m looking at getting a built in Auto Repair of (4) which is standard across the Dino Mechs. It has to be said that Droch’ah developed one hell of a mean mech in his arsenal!



My bonus is + 153% Fire damage so choose weapons that use this and enhance other statistics if possible. Here are some examples from the weapons I use.


Birthday Candle- Fire (Niode Weapon) – Special Event or Special Sale
Damage -100
Speed -106
Crit Kill 6%
Burn 15%

Good Damage and Excellent Speed mean that with my speed of 56 on my mech i’m going to hit first. The burn is nice but the Crit Kill is better. Add the 6% Crit Kill to my Crit Kill of 14% and I have a 20% chance of destroying my opponent with a Critical Hit.


Birthday Grenade- Fire (Niode Weapon) – Special Event or Special Sale
Damage -72
Speed -106
Crit Kill 4%
Fork 44%

Same speed as before with less damage and less crit kill. But this weapon does have fork! Add this to my 39% Fork and I now have an 82% chance of the damage forking to another mech.
The moral of the story once again is to pick a weapon that uses your mechs damage bonuses and boosts your mechs stats. If the weapon fits…equip it!


Once again, it’s time to sign off but please look out for my next article which will cover what most pilots consider the best mech in the galaxy.. the Boreas. Until next time…


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