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Mad Scientist’s Mech Garage by James Waddington #714295

In honor of the speed boost on Ignis, I figured I would take a closer look. Although it lags for precision throughout the early game even with midoris, it makes up for it with incredible speed and direct damage.

I have one Ignis in my back line, and its stats look like this:
Level: 121 / 123
Armor: 1531

Laser Damage + 16%
Proj. Damage + 20%
Fire Damage + 130%
Speed + 111
Splash 10%
2X Damage 10%
Fork 15%
Trample 15%
Crit-Kill 14%
Precision (81)
Dodge (80)
Auto Repair (9)
Shield (143)
(shields kept undisclosed for FW)

Class: Ignis
Weapons: 42

What’s he wearing? 5 Haptic, 4 Midori, 1 Advanced Alloy, and 5 RACE. Pretty straightforward and to the point. At level 125 he will get another cockpit which will bring us to 94 precision. Groovy. The advanced alloy is there partially for budget reasons (that 5th midori is going to a good home) and he really doesn’t need the extra dodge, but some extra budget speed never hurts. Sure you could do the 5th midori for damage and precision instead, and there’s nothing wrong with that approach. I prefer to win the initial encounter than pray that they don’t kill me with first blood, and race is by far the fastest engine available. I don’t really aim for autorepair, but in this case, it doesn’t hurt to have it in abundance. The extra dodge from race puts me in a more aggressive stance with that now justifiable advanced alloys.

Why get so much precision? Simple. Ignite. If you can get two back to back burns on an enemy within 3 ticks, it does so much damage that it might as well have been a crit. To maximize this small window, you want to hit as often as possible and shoot back to back as much as possible, so precision and similar weapon speeds seem useful.

At higher levels, the weapon/4 level will feel like a bit of a limitation compared to notos with weapon/3, but you will find that you can stack ignis with cool slower fire weapons that you wouldn’t dare run on notos, and compensate for it with higher base speed. If you only have so many copies of a weapon, you are maximizing your chance of them going first on a super fast mech, even though overall a mech with more weapons typically contributes more speed to the fight, and also seems more capable of getting those concentrated rapid fire barrages for ignites.

Let’s Illustrate. Pretending Ignis is up to level 125 for fairness and another haptic, and that they are both running the same weapon (helios forge), we can crunch their stats from my hangar and compare their offensive capabilities in battle, (not including profile bonuses or hg bonuses). This is where the attached sheet comes into play. In that chart, you will see that Notos has a larger speed factor even though Ignis has roughly 30 more speed. You will also notice that Notos does significantly more overall damage even though Ignis causes more overall area of effect attacks and higher %fire damage.

I like Ignis. It’s a particularly neat mech to run right now with the boost. But it’s still only sort of nipping at the heels of the bigger meaner 100’s so don’t expect it to do all of your heavy lifting for you.


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