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Faction Wars 3335 Pre-War Prize Review by Spike Shepard #846030

You’ll usually find me sat in my hanger or hiding in my cockpit from my editor Mr McCallum writing my ‘Mecha Building With The Big Boys Column’ but, for a change I’m going to cover the upcoming Faction War of 3335.

As most you you will have seen I’ve been very vocal (when am I not) about the prizes in clam wars and especially faction wars. You’ve seen me comment that in the top few divisions a Silver Medal brings you a better prize haul when you look at the 2 Niode Mechs and that Division 1 is the place to be as the prizes are so much sweeter!

That is exactly what I was expecting for the upcoming Faction War and some of what I’ve said has brought about change. Yes I have been heard! Oh ye of little faith who have called my opinions whining! My constant postings (where a lot of you have agreed with my observations) have finally hit a nerve and it now looks like a Gold Medal is finally worth fighting for again. That should sort out the Lottery upsets we’ve see over the last few Mecha Galaxy years.

On the other hand though, some things haven’t changed! 

Division 1 is still the place to be! The prizes are better for Gold..way better. Silver is still a sweet deal too. As for Bronze, well it’s acceptable because in Division one you’re looking at the Pre-Upgraded Pike to level 40 and some sweet add ons like the Twin Grazer and Unspeakable Eye (of which I’ve commented more than once that I’d love to get another 1 or 7 , I’m not greedy) that you only need to win 6 attacks to get a hold of.

Outside of division 1, Division 2 Gold is acceptable. It’s similar to division 1 bronze BUT without the pre-upgraded Pike and sweet add ons for 6 wins.

Also remember that if you’re one of the big pilots and you’re happy to pop a few levels you can get your hands on a Revenant and Megazome to Level 50 as long as you’re in the top 5 for Faction victories.

But that’s where it ends!

Take away the above and you’re left with the usual trash from Clan Wars of the odd Niode mech and a ton of crappy crystal stuff that we can all easily afford without breaking a sweat. Yeah, the top 15 in victories can get a pre-upgraded Megazome to only level 20 and some disco hips but is that worth the experience gain? From my own experience it’s a massive NO! Last time I entered a was in the top 15 I got one of these but It was sold along in a pitiful attempt to cover the cost of upgrading my niode mechs the 3 levels I’d just gained. The sale of my Megazome didn’t even cover one! So, I was left in the wilderness of trying to scrape together another 200 niodes to cover this upgrade cost.

What i’m trying to say here is that if you’re not in Division 1 or the Faction that is going to get Division 2 Gold then it’s not worth your while gaining the unnecessary experience, unless of course you have 200+ niodes in your account all ready to soften the blow.

The reason I’ve been so vocal recently is that I wanted the powers that be to address the glaring contradictions in medal prizes as well as other issues and to some extent this has been done BUT once again it’s only the big Boys and Girls in division 1 that are going to see the benefits while the little guys and gals get trample damage, spending the next few weeks rueing the levels gains and lack of niodes to cover this gain.

As for myself at level 110 I’ve heard 2 opinions. The one staring me in the face is that i’m level 110 and am not considered a high enough level or good enough to be in a division 1 faction.

Sorry? I don’t understand!

I have 14 KOTM Golds (mostly in Rainbow events including Triple Rainbow, I’ll just say that again, my so called weaker Double Rainbow Specialty is still beating others Triple Rainbow Formations) and 12 Clan Golds ranging from Division 3 downwards. When I’m in my Double Rainbow Specialty I can beat other pilots 100+ levels higher who just bounce off me…..and i’m not good enough?

The second opinion is that I’m more than capable of holding my own (and then some), there are a lot of pilots who see this having experienced it first hand. One of these pilots is 30 odd levels higher and he only beat me by his last mech and he’s all niode himself. so a Division 1 Faction should be more than accommodating, especially the one where the majority of my Blackstar Lycan Rangers Clan are, but no.

My problem is that I don’t own 27 Boreas and 59 Fexts, etc,etc (Ok, I’ve over exaggerated but you get the picture). I’m not a power player. I’ve specialised my Double Rainbow from my early piloting days but this speciality is still seen as a weakness against those with 27 Boreas, etc,etc who have never ever faced me in a Clan War! Only attacking me with their 27 Boreas, and 59 Fexts and of course walking through me as they will. Just because their in Division 1 doesn’t means that these mech jockeys have any brains!

Hold on a minute. Isn’t that the reason I run a Double Rainbow! I don’t need 27 Boreas, my opponent attacking me can only have 2 Boreas, 2 Fexts, 2 Notos, 2 ….you get the picture. He has to play by my rules when attacking me! That is my strength and unless there’s been a dramatic change this faction war it is still defender rules isn’t it?

I’m pointing this out as a matter of fact knowing in my head that I’m more than capable of holing my own in Division 1….and that’s where the real prizes are. Outside of Division one it is my honest opinion that unless your a dead set gold for Division 2 then you’re wasting your time and gaining unnecessary experience that the sale of EVERYTHING you’ve just won being sold and still not covering the upgrade costs. Even Gold in Divisions 3 and 4 are laughable considering the experience gain and piloting levels gains they will have to endure.

So, from this I have my decision for Faction Wars 3335 staring me in the face. It’s division 1 or nothing because otherwise you just may as well go and shoot yourself in the foot or stick pins in your eyes (neither are recommended)

So, for now I’m sticking my with current decision to watch the battles from the comfort of my sun lounger and laugh at those pilots who, in 3 weeks time find themselves in the position that I’ve just told you about.

I’ll be back to my good old ‘Mecha Building With The Big Boys’ Column Forthwith so keep your eyes on the Galaxy Gathering.

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