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An Opinion of 105tonners by Spike Shepard #846030

105 Ton Mechs…….So, we’ve all bought into this 105 Ton Mech Malarkey. But is bigger really better? Like many Pilots I was in the first Meta-Verse and also the Second coming of the Meta-Verse and I currently have 2 Guardians at level 107 (my level) A Revenant coming up to level 100 and When the bonus kicks in I’ll have 2 Cavaliers at level 107 ish. So you’d all be expecting me to replace my Sever, Inferno, Nakshi, Smilodon and Jadoon for an amazing line of 105 Tons mechs. An unstoppable line of 105 Ton mechs …..They have to be so much better than my current back line of 65-80 tonners…RIGHT?

There-in lies the problem!

Yes, there are some nice bonuses like Missile Shields (400), Laser Shields (200) Triple Damage of 27%, etc, etc
BUT…and this is the big BUT! What is there to compliment your 105 Tonner with to make it the unstoppable killing machine that we have all been sold on?

The answer is very little. Overall there is nothing much equipment wise to compliment these mega-machines.
The shields are the only good thing that stand out but those aside there has been very limited equipment (Santaspex and Unspeakable Eye) that stand out in any way but these are unpurchaseable and not even available in the vortex!
So what are we left with….Trash, complete trash! It’s equipment we wouldn’t even consider for anything except 10-15 ton mechs. It’s like the leap from 100 tons to 105 tons has sent the equipment techs back to the dark ages where you get more accuracy drawing a cross on your screen with a crayon! YES! You can buy crayons for this very purpose in the mecha equipment stores!

Anyhoo……Lets look at the 4 best Niode pieces of equipment….

Cockpit..Tracer Helmet (Limit 10)
Precision (8),Crit-Kill 2%,2X Damage 6%
Fire Vulnerable 3%

Chassis..Reactive Camouflage (Limit 10)
Dodge (7),Speed + 2,Splash Shield 20%,3X Damage 4%
Missile Vulnerable 6%,Fire Vulnerable 2%

Engine..Here you have 2 close choices..White Dwarf Fuel Pod (Limit 15)
Speed + 8, Proj. Damage + 5%
Missile Vulnerable 1%


Impact Bonds Core (Limit 20)
Speed + 7, Laser Damage + 4%, Trample 4%
Proj. Vulnerable 2%

Here I’ll use the Guardian for my specs at my level of 107.

So with 5 cockpit slots and no additional precision the only way forward is 5 Tracer Helmets giving 40 Precision. i’ll say that again…40 Precision. That just matches my Smilodon and Nakshi…..Not great as I for one am expecting better if i’m going to replace them.

Onto Chassis. At level 107 the Guardian has 3 chassis slots! Yes only 3! So that’s a dodge of 21 with 3 Reactive Camouflage! WTF! a dodge of 21!!! You may as well stand a traffic cone in the same spot and hope for a gust of wind. That’s shocking for Niode equipment on a Niode mech at level 107!

As for speed, well I already have a -13 to speed so at best with the 4 engine slots I’m getting a +15 speed with the White Dwarf Fuel Pods but with no auto repair. If I slap in a Cerberus Drive to give me a measly 1 auto repair then i’m only getting a +3 to speed so my speed drops down to +11. I do get a bonus of +2 Speed from the Reactive Camouflage but this still only leaves me at +17 which isn’t that good! I could probably run faster on foot and i’m definitely not even in the top 20+% of the fittest pilots. I’m probably in the bottom 20% for fitness.

As for Crystal stuff well….If you even want to consider this your looking at a fair old drop in what it’ll give your mech.
Your best cockpit is a COMFY CHAIR (LIMIT 10) but with a precision of only 7 this immediately drops me down to a precision of 35!

Your best Chassis is an ACTUATOR DECOUPLER but with a dodge of only 4 it’ll give me an overall dodge of 12! My Red Ant has a better dodge than that! A crisp packet blowing in a gentle breeze has a better dodge than that….you get the picture.

Your best Engine is an ANZU RUN with a speed of 8!! Yes 8, not bad at all you say but you haven’t figured in the kickback odds of a 20% chance of 20% damage. So if I do eventually hit something with my precision of 35…..i’ll likely blow myself up! Yeah, just what we all need so if you even consider this option just load the bugger with a few dozen nukes and just take everything out!

If you want the best SAFE crystal option then you’ve got the 3 other crystal options all with a speed of +3! so with 4 of these in and a -13 already built in i’m looking at a total speed of -1…am I even moving?. Yes the Decoupler adds +1 speed per unit but that’s still only a +2 overall speed. So even on foot I’m faster….walking.

So, In Conclusion, What is there I can actually do with my 105 ton Meta Universe mechs? I can’t see past keeping them in the hanger. For now there just isn’t anything worth spending my valuble Niodes on! FACT! If something doesn’t come up soon in equipment to make these the killing machines we were promised then they’re going to be nothing more than a dust gathering reminder of a distant Meta-Verse.


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