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Archive for February 2018

An Opinion of 105tonners by Spike Shepard #846030

105 Ton Mechs…….So, we’ve all bought into this 105 Ton Mech Malarkey. But is bigger really better? Like many Pilots I was in the first Meta-Verse and also the Second coming of the Meta-Verse and I currently have 2 Guardians at level 107 (my level) A Revenant coming up to level 100 and When the…

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Mister Stabby Weapon Review by David McCallum # 701548

Right.   Let’s get a few things clear.   Just because we were over in the Metaverse and had clone bodies that were as green as Kenneth turns whenever he is asked to clean the loos after Patrick and Joel have had a beer and curry night does not mean they were useless at all…

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Reflections on the Mirror by David McCallum #701548

  Well, I’m back from the Metaverse for good now… at least that particular pocket / stream / trouser leg of time, however you wish to term it.   Unless of course there are more payments to be received or contracts to be fulfilled… you know how it is with us mercenary types.   As…

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The Haves and the Have Nots… by David McCallum # 701548

…the spendthrifts and the frugal… …those who are ready and those that make do… …the hoarders and the recyclers… No, this isn’t yet another rant against pilots whose bankroll would make the Dictator of a medium sized Banana Republic weep with avarice, it is something far more insightful than that. I know, you’ve missed me.…

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