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Archive for December 2017

Silent Night By Kenneth Hicks ID#846092

  Silent Night, Holy Night All is calm Right before all is bright Rounds from a Nut Cracker Drop right in your lap Tandem Bombs blow up Making squads all go splat Sleep the eternal sleep my friends Sleep the eternal sleep Silent Night, Holy Night Good Shepheards pray at the sight Glory streams from…

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Equipment Review: The Crayon By Brian D Wise ID #17026

  So… I am updating my formations, so I end up going and buying equipment as needed. When I come across by far the greatest cockpit I have ever seen. Crayon is by far the simplest and yet most impressive cockpit I have ever come across. it gives just a simple 1% increase to precision,…

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Striker II: A Pilot Story By Marianne and Mark Stewig ID #687261

  Striker began to make the arrangements for his departure from his underground base. Quickly flagging one of his men down, he gave the order for General Drake and Ike, the think-tank specialist, to be taken to the officers lounge while he made some final stop’s. Hailing another driver, he ordered him to be taken…

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The Khron A Weapon Review By: Kenneth Hicks ID #846092

  As many of you have found out, the Boreas has become the workhorse of the upper tier of mecha. One of the weapons that help make this a reality for that mighty mech, is a weapon created from fiddling around with Gateway technology, simply called Khron. When niode Gateways were first stabilized enough that…

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