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Archive for November 2017

Blue Dragon Weapon Review By Kenneth Hicks ID #846092

  Day before the war, I find myself on the catwalk overseeing the equipment load-ups below. At the front of the shuttle doors, I see what I had been waiting on. Ten large boxes from Nova Industries were being brought into the bay. “Take those over to the Fexts, ASAP!!!”, I shouted as I leaped…

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The Incinerator: A Weapon Review By Kenneth Hicks ID #846092

  The Incinerator’s story oddly enough began with the Oggun. “The Wha??” you might say, but yes the Oggun Back in the day (old persons speak) 50 ton specs ruled the land as a mainstay and force to reckon with. Of course this meant that for the money, the Oggun was one of the best…

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The Dragon By Kenneth Hicks ID 846092

  “Eight year olds dude.” “Excuse me?” I got the feeling that Admiral Abbott was unimpressed. “Eight year olds. I know eight year olds who can draw better than that.” “Look, it’s concept art, so don’t get too hung up on that. Free hand was more of a ‘I have to put some direction on…

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A Night At LaSalle’s By Kenneth Hicks ID #846092

  It was a slow night at the ole’ G.G. Headquarters, so I decided to head down to Cogworth port and see if I could rustle up a drink or two, or maybe some gossip as well. The pollution hung heavy in the air as the humidity was almost thick as rain, I slogged down…

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Interview with Justin Verret ID #10698 By Kenneth Hicks ID #896092

  Editor’s Note: As you should all know, interviews are all opinion based. Everyone is entitled to one, and this is whether you agree, disagree, or are indifferent to said opinion. The choice the rest of us have is to grow a dermal layer and take the high road if someone’s opinion differs from our…

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Striker II: A Pilot Story By Marianne and Mark Stewig #687261

  Striker began to make the arrangements  for his departure from his underground base. Quickly flagging one of his men down,  he gave the order for General Drake  and Ike, the Think Tank specialist, to be taken to the officers lounge while he made  some final stop’s.    Hailing another driver, he ordered him to be…

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