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New Love For The Orester By Kenneth Hicks ID #846092

Since the Dawn of MechaGalaxy time, there have been been few things that are taken as absolute. Chef plays with Clan Wars formulas, the Lottery cheats, and the Orester is the saddest thing on two pneumatic legs. Now let me say, James Waddington has been telling me for years that if properly geared, an Orester…

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Clan Wars 3345 Finals: By Kenneth Hicks ID #846092

Hola Laddles and Gentlemints and Welcome to the finals outcome of Clan War 3345! As your host, I’d just like to say that what with the little Birthday Celebration we are back on track here at the Galaxy Gathering ! <throws an empty Gin bottle at MacCallum’s blast door with a resounding smash> Anywhoo, let’s…

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The Gathering – Pilot Story by David McCallum ID #701548

This has not been a good week. Normally I’m polite, gentlemanly and chivalric. Forget it this time. This is not a normal week. I’m not going to apologise further. It started last weekend. One of the family cats managed to get into a scrap and developed an abscess on her throat. Not good, and it…

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